Debug logging for set of effective capabilities deprecated


Since version v7.10.4 the Open-Xchange Middleware offers the feature to log the individual components that built up the set of effective capabilities associated with a certain user. This is useful to understand why a certain capability is absent (although somehow set) or available (although shouldn't).

The logging happens on user's first login when his/her set of effective capabilities is compiled or when manually invoking getuserconfigurationsource command-line tool.

Enable DEBUG logging

To set-up logging for a certain user, please use logconf command-line tool and enable DEBUG logging for class with name com.openexchange.capabilities.internal.AbstractCapabilityService. Example:

logconf -u 3 -c 123 -a -l com.openexchange.capabilities.internal.AbstractCapabilityService=DEBUG -A oxadminmaster -P secret

and to remove DEBUG logging:

logconf -u 3 -c 123 -d -l com.openexchange.capabilities.internal.AbstractCapabilityService -A oxadminmaster -P secret

Moreover, DEBUG logging for capability sets can be globally enabled through modifying file /opt/open-xchange/etc/logback.xml and inserting the following line to the end:

<logger name="com.openexchange.capabilities.internal.AbstractCapabilityService" level="DEBUG"/>