createoauthclient deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin-oauth-provider


createoauthclient - creates an OAuth client


createoauthclient [OPTIONS]


This command line tool create a new OAuth client


-c, --context-group-id cgid : The id of the context group

-n, --name name : Define the name of the oauth client

-d, --description description : The description of the oauth client

-w, --website website : The client website

-o, --contact-address contactAddress* : The contact adress of the oauth client

-i, --icon-path iconPath : Path to a image file which acts as a icon for the oauth client

-s, --default-scope defaultScope : The default scope of the oauth client

--urls urls : The redirect urls of the oauth client as a comma separated list

-A, --adminuser masterAdminUser : Master admin user name for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-P, --adminpass masterAdminPassword : Master admin password for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-h, --help : Prints a help text

--environment : Show info about commandline environment.

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output.

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).


createoauthclient -A masteradmin -P secret -c 10 -n FooBar -w -o -i /tmp/foobar.img -s calendar --urls,

Creates a new OAuthClient


disableoauthclient(1), enableoauthclient(1), getoauthclient(1), listoauthclient(1), removeoauthclient(1), revokeoauthclient(1), updateoauthclient(1)