appsuite-history deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-core


appsuite-history - manages an appsuite history


appsuiteui-history [-h|--help]

appsuiteui-history [-t timestamp] [-a apps_path] [-m manifests_path] [--history_apps apps_history_path] [--history_manifests manifests_history_path]


This CLT checks the apps and manifests folders for new versions and copies them to the designated history folder. It is also possible to force this by using the --timestamp parameter. This is necessary in case the touchappsuite clt has been used on frontend nodes. Please use the same timestamp here as well.


-h, --help : Prints a help text

-t, --timestamp timestamp : Updates the version.txt files with this timestamp before doing any other checks.

-a, --apps apps_path : The optional path to the installed apps.

-m, --manifests manifests_path : The optional path to the installed manifests.

--history_apps apps_history_path : The optional path to the apps history folder.

--history_manifests manifests_history_path : The optional path to the manifests history folder.