changefilestore deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin


changefilestore - registers a filestore.


changefilestore [-h|--help]

changefilestore -A masterAdminUser -P masterAdminPassword -t storePath [-s storeSize -x maxContexts --responsetimeout seconds --nonl]


This command line tool changes the store size (-s) and the maximum supported contexts (x) for a filestore.


-i, --id id : The id of the filestore which should be changed. Mandatory.

-t, --storepath filestorePath : Path to store filestore contents in URI format e.g. file:/tmp/filestore. Mandatory.

-s, --storesize storeSize : The maximum size of the filestore in MB. Default: 1000

-x, --maxcontexts maxContexts : The maximum number of contexts. Default: 5000

-A, --adminuser masterAdminUser : Master admin user name for authentication.

-P, --adminpass masterAdminPassword : Master admin password for authentication.

-h, --help : Prints a help text.

--environment : Show info about commandline environment.

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output.

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).


changefilestore -A masteradmin -P secret -i 3 -x 1000 -s 5000

Changes the filestore with the specified identifier and the maximum supported contexts and maximum size.


unregisterfilestore(1), registerfilestore(1),listfilestore(1), recalculatefilestoreusage(1)