creategroup deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin


creategroup - creates a group within a context.


creategroup [OPTION]...


This command line tool creates a new group in a given context. Groups are created with no group members when no userid(s) are supplied with the parameter -a.


-c, --contextid contextId : The context identifier. Mandatory.

-n, --name groupName : The group name. Mandatory.

-d, --displayname displayName : The group's display name. Mandatory.

-a, --addmembers userId(s) : Comma separated identifiers of members to add to group (see createuser(1)).

-A, --adminuser contextAdmin : Context admin user name for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-P, --adminpass contextAdminPassword : Context admin password for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-h, --help : Prints a help text.

--environment : Show info about commandline environment.

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output.

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).


creategroup -A contextAdmin -P secret -c 1138 -n foobar -d "The FooBar" -a 3,4,5,6

Creates a group with the specified name and adds the users with the specified identifiers as members.


deletegroup(1), listgroup(1), changegroup(1)