Ports Overview deprecated

This document describes the ports the AppSuite middleware listens on and their related configuration properties.

Default port Purpose Configuration
143 Port on which the IMAP server is listening. IMAP_PORT
1099 The RMI port. com.openexchange.rmi.port
5701 The port Hazelcast will listen for incoming connections. com.openexchange.hazelcast.network.port, com.openexchange.hazelcast.network.portOffset
8009 The default port for the connector's HTTP network listener. com.openexchange.connector.networkListenerPort
8010 The default port for the connector's HTTPs network listener. com.openexchange.connector.networkSslListenerPort
8016 The default port for the liveness probe end-point. com.openexchange.connector.livenessPort
9982 Specifies the multicast port for push. com.openexchange.push.udp.multicastPort
9999 The port for the RMI Registry. JMXPort
44335 The port where the clients send the push registration request to. com.openexchange.push.udp.registerPort
Random The JMX RMI Connector Server port. Typically chosen randomly by the JVM. JMXServerPort