deleteExternalAccounts deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin


listExternalAccounts - deletes external accounts


deleteExternalAccounts [-h|--help]

deleteExternalAccounts [-c contextId] [-u userId] [-m module] [-i accountId] -A masterAdmin -P masterAdminPassword [-p RMI-Port] [-s RMI-Server] [--responsetimeout responseTimeout]


This command line tool deletes external accounts. If an OAuth account is selected for deletion (-m OAUTH), then ALL external accounts tied to that OAuth account will also be deleted.


-c, --context contextId : The context identifier. Mandatory.

-u, --user userId : The user identifier. Mandatory.

-m, --module module : The module identifier. Valid modules are: OAUTH, CONTACTS, CALENDAR, DRIVE, MAIL. Mandatory.

-i, --accountId accountId : The account identifier. Mandatory.

-h, --help : Prints a help text

-A, --adminuser admin : The master or context admin user name for authentication.

-P, --adminpass adminPassword : The master admin or context admin password for authentication.

-s,--server rmiHost : The optional RMI server (default: localhost)

-p,--port rmiPort : The optional RMI port (default:1099)

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).


deleteExternalAccounts -A masterAdmin -P secret -c 1138 -u 314 -i 5 -m OAUTH

Deletes for the specified user in the specified context the specified OAUTH account and all external accounts that are tied to it.

deleteExternalAccounts -A masterAdmin -P secret -c 1138 -u 314 -i 16 -m DRIVE

Deletes the specified DRIVE account of the specified user.