Dropbox deprecated

To setup the Dropbox file store you have to install the package open-xchange-file-storage-dropbox.

Registering your app

  • Log in to your Dropbox account here, and create your Dropbox app here.
  • There are two options available creating an app, Drops-in App & Dropbox API App. Please select Dropbox API app and enter the name of your app.
  • Go to App Console and select your created app. Select settings tab to view the APP_KEY (App key) and SECRET_KEY (App secret) and to configure the redirect URI to your AppSuite platform under the Oauth2 section. All the other fields can keep their default value.
  • Please ensure the following conditions are met for the redirect URI:
    • The redirect URI uses https:// as protocol
    • The redirect URI follows the pattern: https:// + <host-name> + /ajax/defer
    • E.g. https://myappsuite.mydomain.invalid/ajax/defer
  • Switch to "Permissions" tab and ensure the following permissions are granted:
    • account_info.read
    • files.content.read
    • files.content.write
    • files.metadata.read
    • files.metadata.write


In addition you have to configure the following properties in file /opt/open-xchange/etc/dropboxoauth.properties:

  • Enable the OAuth connector to Dropbox OAuth: com.openexchange.oauth.dropbox=true
  • Set the API key and secret: com.openexchange.oauth.dropbox.apiKey=REPLACE_THIS_WITH_DROPBOX_APP_KEY com.openexchange.oauth.dropbox.apiSecret=REPLACE_THIS_WITH_DROPBOX_APP_SECRET
  • Set the redirect URL. Please ensure the use the same URL as specified in the Dropbox App: com.openexchange.oauth.dropbox.redirectUrl=
  • Set the product ID of the registered Dropbox app: com.openexchange.oauth.dropbox.productName=

You can define them system-wide or via the config cascade mechanism.