Box deprecated

To setup the file store you have to install the package open-xchange-file-storage-boxcom.

Registering your app

  • Sign in to box Developers
  • Select Create new App
  • Select Custom App
  • Select Standard OAuth 2.0 (User Authentication)
  • Provide a name for you application
  • Hit Configure your application
  • Enter redirect_uri (the deferrer URL; e.g. https://my.oxsetup.invalid/ajax/defer)
  • Enable Read and write all files and folders


In addition you have to configure the following properties in file /opt/open-xchange/etc/

  • Enable the OAuth connector com.openexchange.oauth.boxcom=true

  • Set the API key and secret com.openexchange.oauth.boxcom.apiKey=REPLACE_THIS_WITH_YOUR_BOX_CLIENT_KEY com.openexchange.oauth.boxcom.apiSecret=REPLACE_THIS_WITH_YOUR_BOX_CLIENT_SECRET

  • Set the redirect URL com.openexchange.oauth.boxcom.redirectUrl=REPLACE_THIS_WITH_YOUR_BOX_REDIRECT_URL

You can define them system-wide or via the config cascade mechanism.