createadmin deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin-reseller


createadmin - creates a sub-admin.


createadmin [OPTION]...


This tool creates a sub-admin. sub-admins are oxadminmaster accounts with restricted rights:

  • they can only manage contexts (no database, filestore, etc)
  • they can only manage their own contexts (list/change/delete)
  • they might be able to create further sub-admins (see below)


-u, --adminname adminname : Loginname for the new sub-admin account.

-d, --displayname displayName : Displayname for the new sub-admin account.

-p, --password password : Password for the new sub-admin account.

-m, --passwordmech (CRYPT/SHA/BCRYPT) : Password mechanism to use, one of CRYPT, SHA or BCRYPT.

-a, --addrestriction restrictionname : Restriction to add (can be specified multiple times).

--capabilities-to-add capabilities-to-add : The capabilities to add as a comma-separated string; e.g. "portal, -autologin".

--config : Add reseller specific configuration, e. g. '--config/com.openexchange.oauth.twitter=false --config/'

--taxonomy : Add reseller specific taxonomies as a comma-separated list, e. g. '--taxonomy/types=some-taxonomy'

Available default restrictions:

  - the maximum number of users a subadmin can create distributed over all it's

  - the maximum number of contexts a subadmin can create

  - the maximum number of users in a single context a contextadmin can create
    Note: this is a restriction, a subadmin can apply to each context

  - the maximum number of quota distributed over all contexts a subadmin
    can use

  - Should this subadmin be able to create subsubadmins? This is NOT allowed by default.
    There's also only one additional level. Note: A subsubadmin cannot create any further

  - If a subadmin is allowed to create subsubadmins, should there be a maximum?

-A, --adminuser masterAdmin : Master admin user name for authentication. Can also be a sub-admin login in case it has the Subadmin.CanCreateSubadmin restriction enabled.

-P, --adminpass adminPassword : Admin password for authentication.

-h, --help : Prints a help text.

--environment : Show info about commandline environment.

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output.

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).


createadmin -A masterAdmin -P masterPassword -u sub-admin-jdoe -d "Sub-admin for Jane Doe" -p secret

Creates a new sub-admin.

createadmin -A oxadminmaster -P secret -u sub-admin-jdoe -d "Sub-admin for Jane Doe" -p secret -a Subadmin.MaxContext=2000 -a Subadmin.MaxOverallUser=2100 -a Subadmin.MaxOverallUserByModuleaccess_webmail_plus=2010

Creates a new sub-admin with various restrictions defined.

createadmin -A masterAdmin -P masterPassword -u sub-admin-jdoe -d "Sub-admin for Jane Doe" -p secret -a Subadmin.CanCreateSubadmin=true

Creates a new sub-admin with the ability to create sub-sub-admin accounts.


changeadmin(1), deleteadmin(1), listadmin(1)