showruntimestats deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin


showruntimestats - Shows the runtimes stats of this node


showruntimestats [OPTIONS..]


This command line tool shos runtime-stats of the node the tool runs on.


-h, --help : Prints a help text

--environment : Show info about commandline environment

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output

--responsetimeout responsetimeout : The response timeout in seconds for reading response from the backend (default 0s; infinite)

-H, --host host : The specifies the host

-p, --port port : The specifies the port

-T, --timeout timeout : The timeout in seconds for the connection creation to the backend (default 15s)

-J, --jmxauthuser jmxauthuser : The jmx username (required when jmx authentication enabled)

-P,--jmxauthpassword jmxauthpassword : The jmx username (required when jmx authentication enabled)

-x, --xchangestats : Shows Open-Xchange stats

--threadpoolstats : Shows OX-Server threadpool stats

-r, --runtimestats : Shows Java runtime stats
-o, --osstats : Shows operating system stats

-t, --threadingstats : Shows threading stats

-a, --allstats : Shows all stats

-s, --showoperations : Shows the operations for the registered beans

-d, --dooperation operation : Syntax is !

-i, --sessionstats : Shows the statistics of the session container

-j, --cachestats : Shows the statistics of the cache objects

-u, --usmsessionstats : Shows the statistics of the USM session container

-c, --clusterstats : Shows the cluster statistics

-g, --grizzlystats : Shows the grizzly statistics

--pnsstats : Shows the push notification service statistics

--websocketstats : Shows the web socket statistics

-z, --gcstats : Shows the gc statistics

-m, --memory : Shows memory usage of threads

-M, --Memory : Shows memory usage of threads including stack traces

-y, --documentconverterstats : Shows the documentconverter stats

-I,--imageconverterstats : Shows the imageconverter stats

-f, --officestats : Shows the office stats

-e, --eventstats : Shows the OSGi EventAdmin stats

--generalstats : Shows the open-xchange general stats

--mailinterfacestats : Shows the open-xchange mailinterface stats

--poolingstats : Shows the open-xchange pooling stats

--callmonitorstats : Shows admin.monitor Call Monitor stats

--misc : Shows stats for general and threading

--overview : Shows stats for pooling and OperatingSystem

--memorypool : Shows stats for memory pool usage of the Java runtime

-n, --niobufferstats : Shows the NIO buffer stats


listserver(1), changeserver(1), registerserver(1)