changeuser deprecated

PACKAGE: open-xchange-admin


changeuser - modifies a user.


changeuser [OPTION]...


This command line tool allows to modify attributes of an existing user in a given context. The displayname must be unique in one context.


-c, --contextid contextId : The id of the context

-i, --userid userId : Id of the user

-u, --username username : Username of the user

-d, --displayname displayName : Display name of the user

-g, --givenname givenName : Given name for the user

-s, --surname surname : Surname of the user

-p, --password password : Password for the user

-e, --email email : Primary mail address

-l, --language language : Language for the user (de_DE,en_US,fr_FR)

-t, --timezone timezone : Timezone of the user (Europe/Berlin)

-x, --department department : Department of the user

-z, --company company : Company of the user

-a, --aliases aliases : E-Mail aliases of the user, separated by ","

--access-combination-name access-combination-name : Access combination name

--addguipreferences addguipreferences : Add a GUI setting (key=value)

--removeguipreferences removeguipreferences : Remove a GUI setting

--access-denied-portal on/off : Denies portal access (Default is off)

--capabilities-to-add capabilities-to-add : The capabilities to add as a comma-separated string (from 7.2.0 on)

--capabilities-to-remove capabilities-to-remove : The capabilities to remove as a comma-separated string (from 7.2.0 on)

--capabilities-to-drop capabilities-to-drop : The capabilities to drop; e.g. cleanse from storage; as a comma-separated string (from 7.6.0 on)

-A, --adminuser masterAdmin : Master admin user name for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-P, --adminpass masterAdminPassword : Master admin password for authentication. Optional, depending on your configuration.

-h, --help : Prints a help text.

--environment : Show info about commandline environment.

--nonl : Remove all newlines (\n) from output.

--responsetimeout : The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite).

For the GUI preferences please also see


--email1 string : Email1

--birthday datevalue : Birthday

--anniversary datevalue : Anniversary

--branches string : Branches

--business_category string : Business_category

--postal_code_business string : Postal_code_business

--state_business string : State_business

--street_business string : Street_business

--telephone_callback string : Telephone_callback

--city_home string : City_home

--commercial_register string : Commercial_register

--country_home string : Country_home

--email2 string : Email2

--email3 string : Email3

--employeetype string : EmployeeType

--fax_business string : Fax_business

--fax_home string : Fax_home

--fax_other string : Fax_other

--imapserver string : ImapServer

--imaplogin string : ImapLogin

--smtpserver string : SmtpServer

--instant_messenger1 string : Instant_messenger1

--instant_messenger2 string : Instant_messenger2

--telephone_ip string : Telephone_ip

--telephone_isdn string : Telephone_isdn

--mail_folder_drafts_name string : Mail_folder_drafts_name

--mail_folder_sent_name string : Mail_folder_sent_name

--mail_folder_spam_name string : Mail_folder_spam_name

--mail_folder_trash_name string : Mail_folder_trash_name

--mail_folder_archive_full_name string : Mail_folder_archive_full_name

--manager_name string : Manager_name

--marital_status string : Marital_status

--cellular_telephone1 string : Cellular_telephone1

--cellular_telephone2 string : Cellular_telephone2

--info string : Info

--nickname string : Nickname

--number_of_children string : Number_of_children

--note string : Note

--number_of_employee string : Number_of_employee

--telephone_pager string : Telephone_pager

--password_expired booleanvalue : Password_expired

--telephone_assistant string : Telephone_assistant

--telephone_business1 string : Telephone_business1

--telephone_business2 string : Telephone_business2

--telephone_car string : Telephone_car

--telephone_company string : Telephone_company

--telephone_home1 string : Telephone_home1

--telephone_home2 string : Telephone_home2

--telephone_other string : Telephone_other

--postal_code_home string : Postal_code_home

--profession string : Profession

--telephone_radio string : Telephone_radio

--room_number string : Room_number

--sales_volume string : Sales_volume

--city_other string : City_other

--country_other string : Country_other

--middle_name string : Middle_name

--postal_code_other string : Postal_code_other

--state_other string : State_other

--street_other string : Street_other

--spouse_name string : Spouse_name

--state_home string : State_home

--street_home string : Street_home

--suffix string : Suffix

--tax_id string : Tax_id

--telephone_telex string : Telephone_telex

--telephone_ttytdd string : Telephone_ttytdd

--uploadfilesizelimitperfile string : Upload file size limit per file for mail attachments

--uploadfilesizelimit string : Total upload file size limit for mail attachments

--image1 string : The contact picture as base64 encoded string or file:// URI

--image1_content_type string : The content type of the contact picture

--url string : Url

--userfield01 string : Userfield01

--userfield02 string : Userfield02

--userfield03 string : Userfield03

--userfield04 string : Userfield04

--userfield05 string : Userfield05

--userfield06 string : Userfield06

--userfield07 string : Userfield07

--userfield08 string : Userfield08

--userfield09 string : Userfield09

--userfield10 string : Userfield10

--userfield11 string : Userfield11

--userfield12 string : Userfield12

--userfield13 string : Userfield13

--userfield14 string : Userfield14

--userfield15 string : Userfield15

--userfield16 string : Userfield16

--userfield17 string : Userfield17

--userfield18 string : Userfield18

--userfield19 string : Userfield19

--userfield20 string : Userfield20

--city_business string : City_business

--country_business string : Country_business

--assistant_name string : Assistant_name

--telephone_primary string : Telephone_primary

--categories string : Categories

--mail_folder_confirmed_ham_name string : Mail_folder_confirmed_ham_name

--mail_folder_confirmed_spam_name string : Mail_folder_confirmed_spam_name

--gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled booleanvalue : GUI_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled

--mailenabled true/false : Mailenabled

--defaultsenderaddress stringvalue : DefaultSenderAddress

--title string : Title

--position string : Position

--access-calendar on/off : Calendar module (Default is off)

--access-contacts on/off : Contact module access (Default is on)

--access-delegate-tasks on/off : Delegate tasks access (Default is off)

--access-edit-public-folder on/off : Edit public folder access (Default is off)

--access-ical on/off : Ical module access (Default is off)

--access-infostore on/off : Infostore module access (Default is off)

--access-read-create-shared-Folders on/off : Read create shared folder access (Default is off)

--access-syncml on/off : Syncml access (Default is off)

--access-active-sync on/off : Exchange Active Sync access (Default is off)

--access-usm on/off : Universal Sync Module access (Default is off)

--access-tasks on/off : Tasks access (Default is off)

--access-vcard on/off : Vcard access (Default is off)

--access-webmail on/off : Webmail access (Default is on)

--access-publication on/off : [DEPRECATED] Publication permission (Default is on). Note: access-publication needs access-infostore and is optional for Groupware+ and premium

--access-subscription on/off : Subscription permission (Default is on)

--access-edit-group on/off : Edit group access (Default is off)

--access-edit-resource on/off : Edit resource access (Default is off)

--access-edit-password on/off : Edit password access (Default is off)

--access-collect-email-addresses on/off : Edit collect email addresses (Default is off)

--access-multiple-mail-accounts on/off : Use multiple mail account feature (Default is off)

--access-global-address-book-disabled on/off : Access to global address book (Default is off). Note: Setting this option to true is only allowed in combination with PIM and Webmail rights. Note: There is a 'restoregaddefaults' script to restore the default permissions of the global addressbook folder.

--access--voipnow on/off : Access to VoiceOverIP feature.

--access-public-folder-editable on/off : Access to public folders. Allows or denies to see public folders.

--foldertree 0/1 : 0 sets the OX standard folder tree and 1 sets the Outlook-like folder tree.

--access-olox20 on/off : [DEPRECATED] Access to Olox2.0

--default-folder-mode : The mode how the default folders should be created. 'default', 'default-deletable', 'no-default-folders'. If not selected, 'default' is applied.

--convert-drive-user-folders : Convert drive user folders into normal folders.


With Open-Xchange it is possible to limit the access to the available modules per context i. e., all users in one context per default get the same access rights. The rights though can be changed per user. Currently, following modules are implemented: access-calendar, access-contacts, access-delegate-tasks, access-edit-public-folder, access-ical, access-infostore, access-read-create-shared-Folders, access-tasks, access-vcard, access-webdav, access-syncml and access-webmail. There are several combinations possible and four are supported (not mentioned modules need to be disabled). This limitation is needed because some modules depend on access to others. There are different Open-Xchange packages available for the customer: Webmail+, PIM+, Groupware+, Premium. These packages have to be configured per context i. e., all users in a context need to use the same package. Each package consists of a combination of modules that has to be set up appropriately. The following sections quickly introduce the packages and their module configuration. Open-Xchange also provides the possibility to use "access combination names" when creating and changing contexts/users. If you want to change the package access rights for a context, you can simply add the "access-combination-name" switch to the appropriate tool (createcontext,changeuser,changecontext etc.).

When having changed the access rights of a user with "changeuser", the "deleteinvisible" command can be called on the admin server. All unnecessary data are then removed from the database via "groupware api". If e.g. the user is changed from "pim_infostore" to "webmail", or if e.g. "access-infostore" is removed explicitly, the "deleteinvisible" command would purge all unnecessary folders for this user from the database.


If there are no access rights specified when creating a new user Webmail+ is used as default. Webmail+ is a base package that allows access to the webmail interface and a personal address book. To grant access to this package, the following modules have to be set to "on" for all users in a context:

  • access-contacts Access combination name: webmail_plus
  • access-webmail Access combinationname: webmail_plus


PIM+ is another base package that gives access to the webmailer, personal address book, calendar and tasks. Group appointments and delegating tasks are not supported. To grant access to this package, the following modules have to be set to "on" for all users in a context:

  • access-contacts Access combination name: pim_plus
  • access-webmail Access combination name: pim_plus
  • access-calendar Access combination name: pim_plus
  • access-delegate-tasks Access combination name: pim_plus
  • access-tasks Access combination name: pim_plus


Groupware+ is an upsell package that provides full groupware functionality: private, shared and public folders, conflict handling for appointments, team view. Furthermore, the InfoStore is available. To grant access to this package, the following modules have to be set to "on" for all users in a context:

  • access-contacts Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-webmail Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-calendar Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-delegate-tasks Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-tasks Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-edit-public-folder Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-infostore Access combination name: groupware_plus
  • access-read-create-shared-Folders Access combination name: groupware_plus


Premium is a desktop integration package. It provides the functionality of the "Groupware+" package and comes with interfaces to integrate with other software: The OXtender for MS Outlook and the WebDAV interface to integrate the InfoStore with desktops. To grant access to this package, the following modules have to be set to "on" for all users in a context:

  • access-contacts Access combination name: premium
  • access-webmail Access combination name: premium
  • access-calendar Access combination name: premium
  • access-delegate-tasks Access combination name: premium
  • access-tasks Access combination name: premium
  • access-edit-public-folder Access combination name: premium
  • access-infostore Access combination name: premium
  • access-read-create-shared-Folders Access combination name: premium
  • access-ical Access combination name: premium
  • access-vcard Access combination name: premium
  • access-webdav Access combination name: premium


The setting all is equivalent to premium for ordinary users. For context administrators, it adds the right publicfoldereditable, which allows the admin to change the access rights to public folders for groups. Package access configuration

This section provides a quick overview about the different packages that can be configured per context and the required access configuration:

Module Webmail+ PIM+ Groupware+ Premium
access-calendar off on on on
access-contacts on on on on
access-delegate-tasks off on on on
access-edit-public-folder off off on on
access-ical off off off on
access-infostore off off on on
access-read-create-shared-Folders off off on on
access-syncml off off off off
access-tasks off on on on
access-vcard off off off on
access-webdav off off off on
access-webmail on on on on


changeuser -A masterAdmin -P masterPassword -c 123 -u jd -d "john doe" -g John -s Doe -p userpw -e

Changes the specified user.


deleteuser(1), listuser(1), createuser(1), getusercapabilities(1)