Global Address Book deprecated


The Global Address Book is a folder inside the Address Book module, which contains a contact for each user of the context. In order to see the Global Address Book, users need to have the gab capability.

Folder Permission Mode

The permissions in the global address book folder can be either assigned individually per user (mode individual), or as single group permission entity (mode global). If the mode global is chosen, the special "all users and groups" permission will grant access to the global address book for users. If the users have edit permissions or not is decided based on the property ENABLE_INTERNAL_USER_EDIT. If the mode individual is chosen, each user will have a dedicated permission for the global address book. Please keep in mind that the modus will affect the response for folder requests regarding the global address book, global delivering two entries, individual delivering 1 + n entries where n is the number of users in the context.

Whether one or the other is used can be defined during context creation, or later on via the administrative utility restoregabdefaults.

Folder Name

The default name is Global Address Book, but can be configured to a different name. In order to change the default, the following property needs to be set:

  • com.openexchange.contacts.gabFolderName Defines the Global Address Book folder name. Default: global_address_book

The property supports various pre-defined values, e.g. global_address_book, internal_users and all_users. Those values result in the folder names Global Address Book, Internal Users and All Users or their corresponding translation.

Furthermore, it is possible to configure a custom folder name along with its translation. Therefore, com.openexchange.contacts.gabFolderName needs to be set to custom. The actual folder name as well as translations have to be set via com.openexchange.contacts.customGabFolderName.[locale]. It is also recommended to add custom folder names as folder reserved names in file /opt/open-xchange/etc/folder-reserved-names to prevent unintended side effects.

Here is an example how to configure a custom Global Address Book name:

com.openexchange.contacts.customGabFolderName=Family Members

All the above properties are reloadable and config-cascade aware down to scope context. See Configuration Documentation for more details.