Configuration deprecated

Server settings (property files), config cascade and how they affect the ui

There a plenty of available serverside-configuration possibilities that partly affects ui in different ways.

General Config


These values are available as part of ox object in the global namespace of the brower (ox.serverConfig).

Please note that only some special ones of the available settings are listed here.

Path Values Description
forgotPassword undefined, false, STRING Enables and configures the 'Lost Password' link on the App Suite login page. If 'forgotPassword' is falsy, you don't see the link. Otherwise the UI treats forgotPassword as a URL.

Config Cascade and it's property files



// middleware property file: specify default value

// ui settings module: reads default value and sets custom value for this user
    function(coreSettings) {
        coreSettings.set('some/setting', 'custom').save();
Path Values Description
io.ox/core//features/logoutButtonHint/enabled _undefined, false, true After login a small hint is shown in case the user didn't logged out last time