Zoom integration deprecated


  1. You will need a valid Zoom Account which can be connected with OX App Suite.
  2. To connect your account with OX App Suite go to Settings -> Zoom Integration
  3. Press the button "Connect with Zoom". Zoom settings page
  4. A new browser window will open, you may need to login into your Zoom Account
  5. Press authorize to connect the OX App Suite with your Zoom account Grant access to your account
  6. Your are done, you can now use Zoom directly from App Suite UI! Zoom account connected


The Zoom integration will make it super easy for you to schedule, join and manage your Zoom meetings in App Suite UI.

Schedule a Zoom meeting

When scheduling new appointments, just select "Zoom" from the "Conference" dropdown. App Suite will instantly schedule a Zoom meeting for your appointment. Create Zoom meeting

Join a conference

To join a meeting which was already scheduled for an upcoming appointment, just click the "Join Zoom meeting" button from the appointment's detail view. Join meeting

Create an instant meeting

To quickly jump into an ad-hoc meeting, locate the "Call" button for a person in your Addressbook App. App Suite will create an ad-hoc meeting for you instantly which both particpants can easily join. Just click on the meeting's link or hit the call button. Join meeting


Removing your Zoom Account from OX App Suite is easy and can be done with one click 1. Go to Settings -> Zoom Integration 2. Click on "Remove Account" next to your Zoom Account name. This will remove the OX App Suite Zoom integration for your account Remove account

Alternativley you can remove the Zoom integration by logging into your Zoom Account on https://marketplace.zoom.us 1. Click on "Manage" in the topbar 2. Click on "Installed Apps" on the left 3. Select "OX App Suite" from the list and press "Uninstall" Uninstall


If you have trouble using the Zoom or App Suite in general, please refer to the online Help. 1. Locate the question mark the topbar 2. Click to open the online help

For further assistance you can take a look at the knowledge base