Client onboarding deprecated

namespace:  io.ox/onboarding/clients
settings:   -
capability: client-onboarding

Entry points

The wizard can be started via different entry points or by using the available portal widget.

textlink in the topbar dropwon (burger menu)

point: io.ox/core/topbar/right/dropdown
extension-id: onboarding

via a link in the new premium bar (in case it's activated)

action: io.ox/[action]/premium/actions/synchronize

via portal widget

point: io.ox/portal/widget
extension-id: client-onboarding

point: io.ox/portal/widget/client-onboarding
point: io.ox/portal/widget/client-onboarding/settings

Platforms, devices and scenarios

The new onboarding wizard is configured via settings and capabilities, please see:

The old wizard can still be enabled via setting: io.ox/core//onboardingWizard=false Please refer to the middleware feature config documentation for more details about the old wizard.


Please refer to the upsell documentation for more details.

middleware: configuration

upsell event is only triggered for clicks on disabled (enabled=false) scenarios that have a valid missing_capabilities array property. Please take a look at the middleware configuration for more details.

upsell: configuration

Also the stated missing capability has to be enabled for upsell.

# example: enables upsell for tasks

upsell: configuration

# draw premium boxes (default: true)
# optional: otherwise upsell default appearance is used (default: unset)


Please refer to the metrics article