Cookies deprecated

List of Cookies managed by App Suite UI

App Suite UI uses JavaScript cookies (set by JavaScript frontend code) to persist frontend related data.

Cookie name Example value Expiry Contains PII Explanation
locale en_US Session no used to sync displayed language between login page (if used) and main UI.
url.key 827578327053882182757... 10 years no Used as a key to encrypt mail folder names in the URL hash to protect the user against unwanted exposure of information about mail folder names

Cookies used by the Piwik metrics adapter

App Suite UI supports different analytic solutions like Piwik. If the feature "Piwik" is enabled (default: disabled) for a installation, the included Piwik adapter generates a random hash on the client to identify the user later on as a unique user. The hash does not contain any user related data and is only generated based on a random number.

Cookie name Example value Expiry Contains PII Explanation
metrics-userhash-v2 345796bc0778e45... Session no Unique identifier (see above)