Debugging deprecated

See also AppSuite:UI FAQ. Sister page: Debugging the server.

What capabilities are available?


Is a specific capability set?

require(['io.ox/core/capabilities'], function (cap) {

Which files failed to load?


What portal widgets are available?

require(['io.ox/portal/widgets'], function (widgets) {

Check settings

// check core settings
// check mail settings

Clear all persistent caches

Please mind that this does not clear the regular browser cache! It clears localStorage, IndexedDB, and WebSQL.


Clear all portal widgets

Sometimes you manage to build a portal widgets that messes up all kinds of things when a user adds it. This is a rather blunt way of solving the problem:

require(['settings!io.ox/portal'], function(settings) {
 settings.set('widgets/user', '').save();

Debug relogin

Performs a successfully autoLogout almost immediately and shows the corresponding dialog.


Enable/disable capability via URL hash

Just add the parameter "cap" to URL hash. A leading minus disables a capability. Multiple capabilities separated by comma. Example:


Changes do not apply while developing

You did changes in your code and they don't simply don't apply? There are several possibilities, you should check in order to find a solution.

  • Reload OX App Suite with cleared Browser Cache. Using Firefox on Linux-Distributions you can simply press Ctrl+F5. Please check the documentation of your Browser for Shortcuts and how to clear the cache.
  • Disable Source Caching. Therefor add the parameter "debug-js=true" to URL hash. Example:

Debug a specific folder

If you want to get details of a specific folder, just inspect it via dev tools and look for data-obj-id="...". Copy the id and run the following in console:

void require('io.ox/core/folder/api').get('default0/INBOX').always(_.inspect);

Finding the version

If you want to know the backend and frontend versions with revision numbers, specifically when you simply cannot find it from the WebUI's About button as some customer hides it, then you can use the following command:

"Server version: " + ox.serverConfig.serverVersion + ", UI version: " + ox.version