Mandatory Properties deprecated

Mandatory Properties

For security reasons, the Open-Xchange Server requires some property values to be unique for every deployment. Therefore, the following properties do not have a default value after 8.2 anymore:

/opt/open-xchange/etc/ ```

Cookie hash salt to avoid a potential brute force attack to cookie hashes.

This property is mandatory and needs to be set to any random String with at least 16 Characters.

com.openexchange.cookie.hash.salt= ```

/opt/open-xchange/etc/ ```

Defines a key that is used to encrypt the password/pin of anonymously

accessible shares in the database.

This property is mandatory and needs to be set before the creation of the first share on the system.

Default is no value

com.openexchange.share.cryptKey= ```

/opt/open-xchange/etc/ ```

Key to encrypt passwords during transmission during session migration.

This property is mandatory. Please make sure it's the same in the entire cluster

com.openexchange.sessiond.encryptionKey= ```

If those properties are not set, the Open-Xchange Server will not start successfully and log prominent errors during startup.

Upgrade from 8.2

⚠️ If you are upgrading from 8.2 and have NOT changed the above properties before, you have to set them manually now. In order to avoid data loss, you need to set them to their previous defaults.

The old defaults are: