Browser detection deprecated

OX App Suite detects the client browser and collects some information about the current device the visitor is using with formlogin.

based on this oxpedia article

App Suite UI detects the current browser and device class the visitor is using. This information is used to serve the appropriate UI and enable/disable certain features for the visitor's device.

The browser detection is done by a standalone, dependency free lib that can be included via script-tag in other sites. This can be helpful if you are using a form-login and jump directly into OX App Suite, skipping the original login page. Otherwise the user will miss the warning about an unsupported device/browser.

To show the same warning to a user without using the original OX App Suite login page, you should include the browser detection lib in your own login page. That way you can show a warning to the user if they do not use a supported browser.

Including the browser.js lib

You can easily include the browser detection via script-tag in your own login page. It's a small, dependency free piece of Javascript code which adds a function to the global scope called


The lib is located in the OX App Suite UI under Add this script tag to your page head

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"></script>

In your page onLoad you can then call the global function isBrowserSupported which returns a boolean. If false is returned by the function you should show a warning to the user that his browser is not supported.