App Suite UI

8.25.3 - 2024-05-24


  • Translation updates


  • Category creation/editing dialog stays in an error state after validation fails for the first time
  • Category names are not trimmed during creation/editing

8.25.2 - 2024-05-17


  • Updated translations for German and several other languages


  • Settings sections expanded randomly
  • "Add passwords" section missing in "Application Passwords" settings

8.25.1 - 2024-05-10


  • AI-15: AI consent dialog has configuration for all used links shown in the text

8.25.0 - 2024-05-03


  • Redesign of the "Connect your device" wizard
  • Searching in mail body is optional
  • Support for full locale in getCustomString method
  • Error message for OpenAI moderation is configurable


  • Breaking change: Remove trailing forward slash from ext point id [...]/appPasswords/addDevice/
    • Before: io.ox/settings/security/appPasswords/addDevice/
    • After: io.ox/settings/security/appPasswords/addDevice
  • Check isConfigurable when using settings search index
  • Reorganize icons in mail header (mobile)


  • Pending removal with 8.27
    • Font Awesome based selectors using class fa
    • Function infoLine of mail/compose/utils.js


  • Deprecated code
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfannotationslayerbuilder.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfcustomstyle.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfdocument.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfpolyfill.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfsimplelinkservice.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdftextlayerbuilder.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfview.js
    • File io.ox/core/pdf/pdfviewerlinkservice.js
    • Function $.svg. Please use createIllustration instead.
    • Function updateWeeks from calendar/month/view.js


  • OXUIB-2762: No focus of selected icon from menu bar (mobile)
  • OXUIB-2773: Notification area overlaps menu bar (tablet)
  • OXUIB-2781: Portal widget shows "unlimited" quota if "0" is configured
  • AI consent dialog escapes link text
  • AI integration error messages are not translated
  • Appointment distribution not optimal (mobile)
  • Appointments ignore their timezone (mobile)
  • Category browser extension loaded without activated feature toggle
  • Icons on the login screen should not depend on settings
  • Mail search filter disappears after opening mail (mobile)
  • Mail search also shows flagged mails when searching for categories
  • Obsolete expand action shown in mail detail header (mobile)
  • "What's new dialog" contains broken translation