App Suite Middleware

8.25.0 - 2024-05-08


  • MW-2224: Added smtp metric collection
  • MW-2246: Added Special Sorting by First Name in Contacts Module
  • MW-2300: Exclusive Pre-Assembly across Sites
  • MW-2308: Logout from IDP for Sessions from Direct Grants
  • MWB-2554: Added permission documentation


  • MW-2222: DB TLS encryption for k8s
  • MW-2263: Introduced Redis-backed cache service having its own cache event framework (based on Redis pub/sub) and refactored existent stand-alone cache invalidation classes to that new service/framework
  • MW-2264: Transform First Caches to Redis
  • MW-2266: "Upgrading without Downtimes" in a Kubernetes cluster
  • MW-2314: Removed dependency from logback-extensions to Apache Commons Lang 2.6
  • Identify sproxyd clients


  • SCR-1373: Deprecation of Apache Commons Lang 2.6


  • MW-2042: Removed Internal OAuth Authorization Server
  • SCR-1378: Removal of Property com.openexchange.redis.enabled


  • CP-514: Let authentication plugin signal to ignore the call to it
  • MWB-1957: Grafana dashboard shows multiple server versions
  • MWB-2204: Missing API documentation for oidcLogin and oidcLogout actions of Login module
  • MWB-2435: CredstoragePasscrypt not picked up in templates/typeSpecific/secret-envvars.tpl
  • MWB-2530: Added property com.openexchange.imap.assumeUserLocalPartForSharedFolderPath to control if user's local part should be assumed when determining a shared folder path; e.g. assume "jane.doe" instead of ""
  • MWB-2543: Public and Shared IMAP folders are not returned on folder list request
    • Synchronize all operations on ListLsubCollection objects
    • Removed IgnoreDeprecated methods as they became obsolete with synchronous operations (see Bug#41742)
  • MWB-2552: Decrypt mail prior if needed
  • MWB-2555: Deny scheduling a mail for transport if Guard-protected
  • MWB-2556: Fixed typo
  • MWB-2562: Avoid issuing unused events for last gone session of a context/user
  • MWB-2563: Ensure JSON data is orderly flushed to output stream
  • MWB-2564: Corrected property names in documentation article
  • MWB-2567: Introduced configurable file appender for logback.xml
  • MWB-2571: Use full-fledged HTML parser to locate possible <img> tags inside HTML content
  • MWB-2577: Com.openexchange.gdpr.dataexport.impl bundle does not start without additional configuration
  • MWB-2582: Do not transform transparent GIF images