Release 8.25

Release 8.25

Users working on multiple devices will be happy to see the redesigned "Connect your device" wizard in this release. It's now easier to set up your devices and access your data from anywhere. Besides that, a lot of small improvements and bug fixes have been made to enhance the user experience.


This release contains breaking changes that will affect current installations. Please review the following changes and adjust your configuration accordingly.

Configuration Change: Redis dependency

The components core-documentconverter and core-imageconverter now have a dependency on Redis. Both of these components need to utilize the same Redis instance and configuration as the core-mw component. This configuration can be added to the values.yaml file. You can duplicate the entire core-mw.redis entry for core-documentconverter.redis and core-imageconverter.redis.

A detailed list of changes can be found in the changelogs.

Released: May 2024