App Suite UI

8.24.4 - 2024-05-21


  • Missing translations in settings

8.24.3 - 2024-05-10


  • AI-15: AI consent dialog has configuration for all used links shown in the text
  • Support for full locale in getCustomString method

8.24.2 - 2024-05-03


  • Translation updates for 8.24


  • OXUIB-2762: No focus of selected icon from menu bar (mobile)
  • Category browser extension loaded without activated feature toggle
  • Icons on the login screen should not depend on settings

8.24.1 - 2024-04-25


  • Feature #263: Error message for OpenAI moderation must be configurable
  • Feature #265: Searching in mail body must be optional


  • OXUIB-2773: Notification area overlaps menu bar on tablet
  • Appointments ignore their timezone on mobile
  • Broken gt string in What's new dialog
  • Fixed missing gt() call for AI integration error messages
  • AI consent dialog must not escape link text
  • Mobile appointment distribution not optimal
  • Month view is not rendered fully initially (mobile)

8.24.0 - 2024-04-05


  • OXUI-1343: Handle Active/Active related headers
  • OXUI-1429: As a user I can browse in categories
  • German translation for OXUIB-2771


  • DOCS-5135: Availability of 'Current folder' search in Drive is determined by folder capabilities now and not strictly disabled for external storages
  • OXUI-1397: As a smartphone user I have a redesigned month view
  • OXUI-1398: As a smartphone user I have a week view navigation in calendar
  • Streamline App Suite settings design and ordering
    • Add a separate section for 'Layout' in the calendar 10db91946open in new window
    • Add separate sections for 'Layout', 'Inbox categories', 'Default sending address', and 'Folders' in mail settings
    • Improve 'Advanced' sections e7665ec39open in new window,
    • Improve headlines, explanatory texts and labels
    • Improve previews for 'Language and time zone' and 'Mail signatures' 312acc3c3open in new window,
    • Move setting 'Show reminders for past appointment' to notifications
    • Use colored app icons in folder tree


  • Pending removal with 8.26
    • Function $.escape in jquery.plugins.js. Please use CSS.escape() instead.
    • Default property searchTerms of app based extensions for point io.ox/settings/pane/main


  • Deprecated code
    • Classname ox-internal-mail-link
    • File io.ox/core/api/templating.js
    • File io.ox/core/extPatterns/dnd.js
    • File io.ox/emoji/categories.js
    • File io.ox/emoji/conversions.js
    • File io.ox/emoji/main.js
    • Function DropZone of io.ox/core/tk/upload.js
    • Function isEnabled of iio.ox/mail/sanitizer.js
    • Point io.ox/mail/compose/boot/preserve-mobile-signature
    • Remove action io.ox/calendar/actions/switch-to-week-view
  • Remove use of deprecated sanitizer.isEnabled function


  • DOCS-5138: Infostore folder search does 'all folders' search even when 'current folder' is selected
  • DOCS-5275: Popout viewer fails
  • OXUIB-2693: Context/User level logout location config
  • OXUIB-2733: Custom accent color is not applied in mobile theme
  • OXUIB-2754: Advertisement label overlaps dropdowns
  • OXUIB-2771: Error message instead of a kind of warning when searching in unified mailbox folder
  • Caching svg icons if Service Worker is disabled
  • Gray space beneath year calendar on desktop
  • Remove default styles from HTML mails to avoid layout issues
  • Load svg icons once in vgrid templates
  • Mail action buttons show double tooltips
  • Swiper performance issues caused by touch events
  • General settings pane do not support the old format for the "autoStart" setting
  • Use right extension id hidden-files in files settings
  • Disable "Default text style" dropdowns when plain text is selected in mail settings