App Suite Middleware

8.24.0 - 2024-04-03


  • MW-2174: Make com.openexchange.user.contactCollectOnMailAccess and com.openexchange.user.contactCollectOnMailTransport config-cascade aware.
  • MW-2251: Added REST-API and job to create pre-assembled contexts. Expose metrics for currently existing pre-assembled contexts
    • See also MW-2252
  • MW-2261: Optionally Exclude Disabled Contexts in listcontext


  • MW-2109: Migrated from GCM to FCM for drive events and generic PNS
    • Added the Firebase SDK
    • Removed old GCM implementation and bundles
  • MW-2220: Improve example script to create certificates
  • MWB-1582: Preliminary introduce new strings when sharing address books
  • MWB-1800: Enforce table order in JOINs if applicable
  • MWB-2488: Documentation for on behalf scheduling
  • SCR-1366: Updated Spring Framework from v5.3.21 to v6.1.4
  • SCR-1367: Allow implementations of BasicAuthenticatorPluginInterface to signal commencing with the next candidate
  • SCR-1370: Added option to Redis configuration to specify a compression method


  • MW-2075: Removed property allowContentDispositionInline
  • MW-2284: Kerberos support


  • MWB-2525: Fixed wrong imports in commons compress. Will be fixed upstream with 1.27.0
  • MWB-2545: Use correct variable to pass number of contexts to pre-assemble