App Suite UI

8.23.3 - 2024-04-24


  • Feature #263: Error message for OpenAI moderation must be configurable
  • Feature #265: Searching in mail body must be optional


  • AI consent dialog must not escape link text

8.23.2 - 2024-04-04


  • Translation updates for version 8.23


  • DOCS-5275: Popout viewer fails
  • OXUIB-2754: Advertisement label overlaps dropdowns
  • OXUIB-2771: Error message instead of a kind of warning when searching in unified mailbox folder

8.23.1 - 2024-03-20


  • German translation updates for 8.23


  • Caching svg icons if Service Worker is disabled
  • Load svg icons once in vgrid templates
  • Swiper performance issues caused by touch events

8.23.0 - 2024-03-08


  • OXUI-1351: Year calendar for mobile devices
  • OXUIB-2635: Automatically select top suggestion in to/cc/bcc on enter


  • DOCS-5084: Rework pdfjs integration
  • DOCS-5084: Include mjs as valid extension for JS files in nginx config
  • Helm: Make security context configuration overwritable


  • Pending removal with 8.25


  • Pending removal with 8.23


  • DOCS-5251: "Home" and "End" key do not scroll the document
  • DOCS-5255: Pdf worker is not minified
  • OXUIB-2627: Using space in search prevents clicking on filter
  • OXUIB-2703: Flag-based sorting is broken due to outdated cached collection
  • OXUIB-2713: Appointment details stay open after selecting other calendar week
  • OXUIB-2720: Sometimes images split to multiple pages when printing
  • OXUIB-2726: Checkquota not counting attachments in progress
  • OXUIB-2732: Moving portal page layout on mobile device
  • OXUIB-2745: Tooltip in top left corner after deleting external storage account
  • Radio button in appointment edit in calendar selection
  • Issue #217: Follow up repeat HTTP calls made with session=unset
  • Native download cannot be closed in iOS PWA
  • Swipe actions on mail list stick on mobile devices