App Suite Middleware

8.23.0 - 2024-03-07


  • MW-2220: Add Helm chart support for running Grizzly with TLS
  • MW-2223: Add weakforced package per default
  • MW-2225: Add missing services health check
  • SCR-1351: New property


  • MW-2144: Deprecate the in-memory SessionD and Hazelcast session storage [#2]
  • MW-2238: Plugin Handling for Pre-Assembled Contexts
  • MW-2250: Have vital login infos available throughout sites
  • MW-2253: Use Pre-Assembled Contexts in Automated Tests
  • MWB-2482: Specify timeout in milliseconds to avoid excessive memory usage in unit test
  • SCR-1345: Update Google Guava from v32.1.3 to v33.0.0
  • SCR-1348: Update Amazon Java SDK from v1.12.487 to v1.12.661
  • SCR-1354: Update Apache Commons Codec library from v1.15 to v1.16.1
  • SCR-1355: Update Apache Commons Codec library from v1.5.0 to v1.6.0
  • SCR-1356: Update Apache Commons Exec library from v1.3 to v1.4.0
  • SCR-1357: Update Apache Commons Codec library from v2.11.0 to v2.15.1
  • SCR-1358: Update Apache Commons Lang3 library from v3.12.0 to v3.14.0
  • SCR-1359: Update a bunch of bundles in target platform
  • SCR-1361: Update Pushy library from v0.15.2 to v0.15.4
  • SCR-1362: Update metadata-extractor from v2.18.0 to v2.19.0
  • SCR-1365: Support new property to specify connection lease timeout when waiting for a free connection in pool
  • Update Gotenberg image to 8.1.0
  • Update Gotenberg image to 8.2.0 and chart to 1.1.0


  • MWB-2398: Periodically check and remove orphaned cookies referencing no longer existing sessions from requests
  • MWB-2420: Support parsing address string with multiple opening angles '<'; e.g. "<>"
  • MWB-2482: Avoid excessive HTML processing w/ Jericho HTML parser
  • MWB-2485: Specify core-mw chart resources limits and maxHeapSize
  • MWB-2496: Mitigate with possible Resetting to invalid mark when writing ZIP entries to file storage location. Added possibility to have ZIP archive compiled for a certain module being spooled to a local disk.
  • MWB-2497: Ensure schema option is not set for pre-assembled contexts
  • MWB-2499: Add archive + schedule to mail/folder paths
    • This is necessary to support the permanent switch to these paths
  • MWB-2502: Add missing archive httpi api docu
  • MWB-2504: Fix personal parts not in quotes in email address
  • MWB-2509: Don't mess-up MIME structure by adding multipart/* parts through attachment API
  • MWB-2511: Look-up draft mail by cached association if possible
  • MWB-2515: Better handling of aborted attachment upload when composing a mail
  • MWB-2516: Track SMS provider implementation as optional service
  • MWB-2517: Upgraded MaxMind GeoIP Libraries (SCR-1349)
  • MWB-2525: Update Apache Commons Compress library from v1.21 to v1.26.0
  • MWB-2528: Release acquired connection as soon as possible (e.g. prior to loading file storage data)
  • MWB-2531: Filter possible parent folder from subfolder listing