App Suite UI

8.22.1 - 2024-03-07


  • Latest translation updates for 8.22

8.22.0 - 2024-02-09


  • OXUI-1349: As a user I can forward meeting invitations to others
  • #129: As an admin I can customize App Suite Icons via config
    • It is now possible for customers to configure single or multiple icons in App Suite UI via a new config setting io.ox/core//theming/customIcons.
  • New icon to mark mails as unread on mobile
  • New metric to count app usage
  • OpenAI Moderation API: Possible harmful in- and output to the AI is filtered


  • #146: Use detail popup for mail references on mobile accompanied by necessary cleanup tasks
  • Replace shosho library and cleanup multiple issues in shortcut handling


  • Calling createIcon with a Promise is deprecated, pending removal with 8.23
  • $.svg, use createIllustration instead


  • Calling createIcon with a className argument


  • OXUIB-2615: Invalid dates allowed for search
  • OXUIB-2691: Settings: Account deep links broken
  • OXUIB-2692: Settings dialog cannot be closed after external storage account is deleted
  • OXUIB-2701: Empty Trash option missing in mail trash context menu
  • OXUIB-2704: Missing contact in compose auto-complete
  • OXUIB-2706: AI actions broken for some mails
  • OXUIB-2707: Thousands of "No appropriate folder storage for tree identifier" since AppSuite 8.20
  • OXUIB-2710: Cannot add attachments from mail attachment folder to pim objects
  • OXUIB-2715: KeychainAPI inconsistently triggers refresh.all and refresh.list events
  • OXUIB-2716: Language Settings: date/time preview examples not updated
  • OXUIB-2721: Automatic folder redirection after move operation in Drive
  • OXUIB-2724: Icons in navigation bar are not visible (mobile)
  • OXUIB-2731: Contrast issues with dynamic theming of back button in mobile settings
  • #135: PWA on iOS: Double tap can scroll the documentElement outside the viewport
  • #150: PWA: Notifications overview in calendar doesn't completely overlap navigation
  • #151: Alignment of title in calendar list view (mobile)
  • #152: Missing category search filter tokens in mail
  • #156: Mail Detail Popup has broken layout (mobile)
  • #157: Task mail links are recognized as phone numbers
  • #162: Moving mails doesn't update UI elements properly (mobile)
  • #164: Mail folder count not updated after deleting a mail in responsive UI
  • #179: Calendar notifications don't cover back navigation
  • #182: Improved letter spacing in text emails on Windows
  • #191: Missing translate options in AI dialog during mail compose
  • Improved "copy to description" link