App Suite Middleware

8.22.0 - 2024-02-07


  • MW-2022: Tests for Helm Charts
  • MW-2088: Additional Analyzers for the App Suite Advanced Routing Stack
    • MW-2111: Request Analyzer Implementation for SOAP Requests
    • MW-2132: Request Analyzer for Chronos iMIP Push
  • MW-2125: Moved helper methods to utility class
  • UI-125: Set plugins/upsell//driveAd to protected


  • MW-2145: Use cluster map service throughout Middleware code
  • MW-2216: Dropped AJP route and need for JSESSIONID cookie (and HTTP session respectively)
  • MW-2226: Remove ignore action for unknown CU
  • MW-2229: Use pre-assembled contexts on context creation
    • SCR-1331: Added lean property com.openexchange.admin.usePreAssembledContexts
    • SCR-1332: Added table context_lock to configdb
    • SCR-1339: Added methods in '' for using pre-assembled contexts
  • MW-2268: Change copyright headers back to Open-Xchange GmbH
  • MWB-2430: Don't retry deleting the same events repeatedly when clearing a folder
  • MWB-2466: Improved error message in case cryptographic functionalities are requested, but no appropriate features/modules (OX Guard) are installed/available
  • OXUIB-2704: Apply requested range when merging results from
  • Log some repeatedly occurring messages only once per day
  • SCR-1340: Updated Jackson & Fabric8 libraries
  • SCR-1341: Added new lean property to possibly add Open-Xchange server information to HTTP responses
  • SCR-1343: Updated Netty libraries from v4.1.97 to v4.1.106
  • SCR-1344: Updated lettuce library from v6.2.6 to v6.3.1
  • Updated logback-extensions from v2.1.10 to v2.1.11
  • Updated Gotenberg image from v7.9.2 to v8.0.3 to a custom image without MS fonts and chart from v0.6.0 to v1.0.1


  • MWB-2250: Send proper notification mail to user in case data export failed due to missing content in selected module(s)
  • MWB-2311: Include events with unset TRANSP when loading overlapping events from storage
  • MWB-2401: Send REPLY if comment is removed
  • MWB-2414: Use default object metadata when initializing CopyObjectRequest
  • MWB-2420: Don't advertise empty address string on corrupt address
  • MWB-2425: Improved SQL statement and added logging
  • MWB-2434: Don't empty trash folder in "fire & forget" fashion if processing takes place through (AJAX) job queue. Orderly await completion then.
  • MWB-2439: Ensure attendee comment is set on REPLY
  • MWB-2444: Support for arbitrary settings in PodSpec is missing
  • MWB-2452: Specify reasonable timeout when checking for possible shared attachment folders or scheduled mail references
  • MWB-2456: More lenient insert into database on duplicate attempt
  • MWB-2458: Properly apply UID conflict strategy
  • MWB-2460: Advertise proper error message to client on exceeded quota
  • MWB-2461: Updated restricted scopes in "Drive Sync App" example
  • MWB-2464: Restored "Upgrading Without Downtimes" article
  • MWB-2467: Use context id as fall-back if no context name set
  • MWB-2470: Adjust 'login2user' table when using preassembled ctx
    • SCR-1339: Added methods in '' for using pre-assembled contexts
  • MWB-2471: No replacement of illegal Content-Id identifiers
  • MWB-2482: Avoid excessive HTML processing w/ Jericho HTML parser