App Suite UI

8.21.3 - 2024-02-08


  • OXUIB-2691: Settings: Account deep links broken
  • OXUIB-2692: Settings dialog cannot be closed after external storage account is deleted
  • OXUIB-2715: KeychainAPI inconsistently triggers refresh.all and refresh.list events

8.21.2 - 2024-02-05


  • Latest translation updates for 8.21 release

8.21.1 - 2024-02-05


  • OXUIB-2707: Thousands of "No appropriate folder storage for tree identifier" errors occur
  • OXUIB-2724: Icons in navigation bar are not visible (mobile)

8.21.0 - 2024-01-12


  • OXUI-1364: io.ox/mail//defaultFolder in favor of io.ox/mail//folder
  • OXUIB-2647: io.ox/mail/compose/schedule/util


  • Scheduled folder from standard folder list


  • OXUI-1391: Checkbox in 'Edit real name' wraps badly on mobile
  • OXUI-1412: Decrease the timer when expanding a folder through dragging
  • OXUI-1424: Element doesn't meet minimum color contrast ratio
  • OXUIB-2625: Exclusively use chronos API for handling attachments
  • OXUIB-2643: Mail search widget: searchview assumes to always be on top of page
  • OXUIB-2647: Scheduled mail control should get activated dynamically
  • OXUIB-2648: "Tooltips" can go beyond window and become unreadable
  • OXUIB-2649: Select button active by default in Contact Picker
  • OXUIB-2650: Sharing options of personal address book disabled
  • OXUIB-2651: Mail filter rule can not be edited in special cases
  • OXUIB-2652: Missing folder indention in drive's folder tree
  • OXUIB-2655: Undo send popup gets stuck in case of an attachment upload error
  • OXUIB-2658: Dynamic theme not applied fully on mobile
  • OXUIB-2666: Advanced search by date After/Before gives error back
  • OXUIB-2667: Most recent attachments refers to non-existent mails
  • OXUIB-2668: Mail compose attachment menu empty
  • OXUIB-2672: Folder "Scheduled" not appearing automatically
  • OXUIB-2675: Scheduled folder appearance resets current selection in folder tree
  • OXUIB-2676: Scheduling mail hides all folders but INBOX and Scheduled
  • OXUIB-2677: Wrong translation in onboarding wizard
  • OXUIB-2679: Editing Signatures in Mail triggers Opening Detailed 'Reading' Settings
  • OXUIB-2680: Draft disappears after inserting oversized image and trying to save & close
  • OXUIB-2684: Scheduled send banner shows on archived/moved/deleted mails
  • OXUIB-2690: Popout viewer fails
  • Limiting allowed actions for/in Scheduled folder
  • Loading bundles without initial version leads to undefined version in cache on ui-middleware