App Suite Middleware

8.21.0 - 2024-01-10


  • MW-2118: Implementation: REST Interface for Log Configuration
  • MW-2119: Extend Log Configuration with "includestacktrace" and "socketLogging"
  • MW-2190: New metrics for provisioning aspects (PluginInterfaces, storage- and API-calls)
  • MW-2226: Send CANCEL Message when Declining Party Crasher


  • DOCS-5156: Changed registry location for pdftool
  • MW-2143: Improve user update workflow
  • MW-2192: Restrict Cleanup Jobs to Site-local DB Schemas
  • MWB-2422: Optimistically gather updateable references in database when moving context file storages


  • MWB-1653: Support for ox_props debug flag
  • MWB-2285: Avoid NPE
  • MWB-2379: Fixed attachment references in HTTP API documentation
  • MWB-2392: Avoid excessive look-up by regular expression
  • MWB-2393: No regex-based processing on invalid Content-Id
  • MWB-2395: Avoid setting NULL parameter for NOT NULL column in table 'del_user'
  • MWB-2399: Only announce "scheduled_mail" capability for a composition space if all preconditions are met
  • MWB-2403: Ensure to only re-assign "changed_from" column upon user deletion
  • MWB-2410: Added config option to avoid using IMAP entity's display name when listing shared folders
  • MWB-2415: Correctly hand down initialized connection to database
  • MWB-2416: Guarded access to mail structure's content-type and
  • disposition
  • MWB-2417: Write mailbox name as UTF-8 if IMAP server advertises "UTF8=ACCEPT" capability
  • MWB-2421: Ensure that warnings are of exception category WARNING
  • MWB-2432: Orderly pay respect to possible UTF8 support when writing mailbox names to crafted IMAP commands
  • Added missing yaml docu files