App Suite UI

8.20.3 - 2024-01-05


  • Latest translations

8.20.2 - 2023-12-19


  • OXUIB-2658: Dynamic theme not applied fully on mobiles

8.20.1 - 2023-12-08


  • Translation updates


  • OXUIB-2652: Missing folder indention in drive's folder tree

8.20.0 - 2023-12-01


  • OXUI-1294: Mobile App Navigation
  • OXUI-1301: As a smartphone user I can choose between light, dark and auto theme mode
  • OXUI-1306: As a user I can add categories to emails
  • OXUI-1355: As a user I can drag and drop mails with a collapsed sidebar
  • OXUI-1390: Send user_id and context_id to login action when doing tokenlogin
  • OXUI-1402: App Suite UI documentation contains support information about browsers and devices
  • OXUI-1189: As a user I can schedule emails to be sent in the future
  • OXUIB-2616: Extension point 'io.ox/calendar/freebusy/footer'


  • OXUI-967: Improve text-only zoom
  • OXUI-1295: Redesign of Mobile Mail App Experience
  • OXUI-1356: Redesign folder trees
  • OXUI-1416: Rename extension category to inbox-category of point io.ox/mail/toolbar/links


  • Pending removals with 8.22


  • Deprecation stubs of removals with 8.18
  • Jquery-ui
  • Pending removals for 8.20


  • DOCS-5141: Disable global shortcuts in editor applications
  • OXUI-1333: Cannot delete invitation from notifications
  • OXUI-1352: A11y issues in default dynamic theme
  • OXUI-1365: Theme color not applied correctly in some cases
  • OXUIB-2540: No identification mark by low priority tasks
  • OXUIB-2564: Contact floating window does not update after move
  • OXUIB-2567: Attaching multiple files to a mail leads to MW error
  • OXUIB-2587: Background of "Invite People" to meeting dialog is transparent
  • OXUIB-2593: Letters show cut off search suggestions in email search
  • OXUIB-2595: 'No appointments found' date not updating when loading more appointments
  • OXUIB-2597: Incorrect alignments in settings modal
  • OXUIB-2603: Long mails do not truncate in the 'Edit real name' modal
  • OXUIB-2604: Pull to refresh is enabled in the contact picker on mobile
  • OXUIB-2606: OK button not aligned in “Did you know” dialog
  • OXUIB-2608: Mail search filters are clipped to window width
  • OXUIB-2612: Due date of selected task is hardly readable
  • OXUIB-2613: AI response to plain-text mail contains html tags
  • OXUIB-2617: No enterprise contact picker for resource delegates
  • OXUIB-2621: Multiple time zones displayed in mobile calendar day view
  • OXUIB-2622: 'download.file' function does not work anymore with iOS
  • OXUIB-2626: Back navigation interacts with settings when they are in the background
  • OXUIB-2629: Mobile back button navigation is broken in mail compose
  • OXUIB-2637: Dropdown items defined as HTML link with url in href don't react to clicks
  • Feedback dialog showing up in pwa mode
  • OXUIB-2618: Settings search not working properly A simple runtime error prevented search results from showing up. Reason were empty entries in the index that were caused by a missing early return in case the settings was not available, for example, due to missing capabilities.
  • Minor style glitches in responsive UI
  • Missing padding in what's new dialog on mobile devices