App Suite Middleware

8.20.0 - 2023-11-29


  • MW-1994: Introduced scheduled mail feature
  • MW-2056: "Forward" Appointments via Email
  • MW-2088: Additional Analyzers for the App Suite Advanced Routing Stack
    • MW-2112: Request Analyzer Implementation for Tokens Login and Drive Jump
    • MW-2135: Request Analyzer for "Advertisement" REST endpoint
    • MW-2133: Request Analyzer for Dovecot Push
    • MW-2136: Request Analyzer for config-related "Preliminary" endpoints
    • MW-2134: Request Analyzer for "Admin" REST endpoints
    • SCR-1302: Added context_id field to TokenLogin json response
    • SCR-1284: Add parameters to drive jump redirect for request analyzing
  • MW-2173: Add logging for writeable database access to non-local segments
    • SCR-1309: Added lean property com.openexchange.database.logWritesToNonLocalSegments


  • DOCS-4961: Adjusted default of "maxSize" for image transformations to 20MB (SCR-1316)
  • MW-1595: Update documentation articles for v8
  • MW-2139: Restrict Pre-Upgrade for Groupdware DB Schemas to Site-local DB Schemas
  • MW-2144: Deprecate the in-memory SessionD and Hazelcast session storage
  • MW-2170: Updated gotenberg chart dependency and enabled read-only filesystem
  • MWB-2345: Reduced amount of session parameter names in log message
  • Enhanced error response for *DAV requests
  • SCR-1317: Added configuration options to enable debugging/profiling SQL queries
  • SCR-1325: Updated Google Guava from v31.1.1 to v32.1.3
  • SCR-1326: Updated Hazelcast from v3.5.1 to v3.5.6
  • SCR-1328: Removed CPU Resource Limit


  • MWB-1730: Orderly check if organizer event copy is targeted by scheduling messages (2)
  • MWB-2328: Use proper MySQL v8 compatible syntax on user creation
  • MWB-2354: Ordlery deal with shared folders from different owners with the same display name
  • MWB-2358: Drop PRIMARY KEY prior to modifying column belonging to PK, then re-create PRIMARY KEY
  • MWB-2360: Mailfilter module not accessible via OAuth (cherry picked from commit 49f1551cc56bbe06bf422a7a6dbeaabb50d38842)
  • MWB-2366: Respond with "Search too complex" error if applying a wildcard pattern to a mail search expression takes excessively long
  • MWB-2367: Use simple glob matching for file/directory exclusions, use guarded matcher for regex patterns sent by legacy clients
  • MWB-2368: Advertise "search_in_folder_name" and "search_by_term" for "infostore" database folders
  • MWB-2370: Propagate master changes only into exception events the user actually attends
  • MWB-2372: Folder API requests are not working with "Application Specific Passwords"
  • MWB-2374: Orderly handle Unified Mail messages when examining a message for scheduling information
  • MWB-2376: Indicate correct part number in multipart upload to S3
  • MWB-2380: Generate exception events as needed for unsolicited REPLYs to recurring event instances
  • MWB-2382: Select proper recipient addresses on reply to own mails
  • SAZ-4: Use singleton connection to user database for all write accesses