App Suite Middleware

8.19.0 - 2023-10-24


  • MW-2088: Middleware components for the App Suite Advanced Routing Stack
    • Added new bundles for the request analyzer feature (SCR-1241)
    • New properties for Segmenter Client Service (SCR-1277)
    • Upgraded the gson library from 2.9.0 to 2.10.1 (SCR-1266)
    • New REST endpoint exposed at /request-analysis/v1/analyze to analyze client requests and associate them with segment markers
    • Added first batch of request analyzer implementations covering the most common client requests
    • Introduced request-analyzer service role to deploy and scale conainers independently
    • Implemented segmenter client API to determine active site for a certain segment


  • MW-2094: Added the 'LastModified' and 'ModifiedBy' metadata to each Sieve rule.
  • MWB-2296: Only allow certain URI schemes for external calendar attachments (SCR-1307)
  • MWB-2345: Enhanced logging, added fallback for missing response error code from auth server
  • Removed vulnerable lib sqlite-jdbc and provided needed dependencies by plain snappy-java lib
  • Updated core-mw chart dependencies and enabled read-only filesystem for gotenberg
  • Updated vulnerable lib commons-fileupload 1.4 to latest version 1.5
  • Updated vulnerable lib jackrabbit-webdav 2.19.1 to version 2.21.19
  • Updated vulnerable lib net.minidev:json-smart and (its dependency accessors-smart) 2.4.8 to version 2.4.11
  • Updated vulnerable lib snakeyaml 1.33 to version 2.2. Depending libraries (e. g. jackson-*) required an update too
  • Updated vulnerable okio-jvm 2.8.0 lib to latest 3.5.0 and cleaned up dependencies (added okio, updated okhttp + kotlin*, test dependencies)
  • Removed default values for chart dependencies and link to source


  • MW-2169: Removed preliminary sharding extension
    • SCR-1303: Dropped sharding related property
    • SCR-1304: Dropped 'shard' query paramter from SAML request
  • SCR-1311: Removed obsolete Rhino Scripting
  • SCR-1312: Removed obsolete bundle


  • MWB-2220: use existing functionality for secret properties
  • MWB-2250: No success notification if there are no result files
  • MWB-2283: Don't try to assign a new category when moving to "general" category
  • MWB-2296: Check potential UID conflicts for newly added attendees
  • MWB-2297: Prefer display name for object permission validation errors
  • MWB-2300: Optimized moving folder (and its subtree) to trash
  • MWB-2309: Cross-check resource attendees when evaluating 'all others declined' flag in list responses
  • MWB-2310: "infostore?action=upload" fails with "EOF" error on Appsuite 8
  • MWB-2322: Probe for name of the function for geo conversion (3)
  • MWB-2333: Sanitize broken/corrupt Content-Type string when parsing multipart content
  • MWB-2336: Aligned naming of settings to the ones used by UI
  • MWB-2337: Ignore possible "NO [NOPERM]" response when issuing a METADATA command to retrieve deputy information from all IMAP folders
  • MWB-2339: Ensure privisioning related log properties are dropped once message has been logged
  • MWB-2343: Preferably consider 'X-MICROSOFT-CDO-INTENDEDSTATUS' when parsing event transparency from iTIP
  • MWB-2349: Orderly display plain-text mail w/ alternative text parts
  • MWB-2352: More user-readable error message in case message flags cannot be changed due to insufficient folder permissions
  • Enhanced detection for images with data URIs
  • MWB-2353: No global lock when initializing in-memory folder map
  • MWB-2390: Configurable resource requests and limits for core-mw init container "init-middleware"
  • MWB-2391: Core-mw-redis chart improvements (limits, image spec)