App Suite UI

8.18.1 - 2023-10-12


  • OXUIB-2469: Missing personal data download link
  • OXUIB-2576: Reply button is disabled in mail threads (conversations)

8.18.0 - 2023-09-29


  • OXUI-990: Comprehensive keyboard shortcut support
    • Users can now use keyboard shortcuts to perform common actions and Navigate App Suite, greatly enhancing usability for power and keyboard users
    • Added a dialog to list keyboard shortcuts
    • Users can select a shortcut profile that matches similar apps, use the Default App Suite shortcuts, or disable shortcuts entirely
    • Improved and streamlined existing keyboard support
    • Removed non-configurable character key shortcuts in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • OXUI-998: Improve visibility of default user avatars in dark mode
  • OXUI-1275: Consume mail and calendar events from switchboards websocket
    • Add event handlers for ox:mail:new and ox:calender:updates to switchboard socket
    • Log switchboard websocket events to websocketlog
  • Breaking change: OXUI-1300: New mail compose design and implement collapsable windows on mobile devices
    • Buttons for attachments, guard an options (mail actions) are now located at the top and displayed as icon buttons.
    • If a user has multiple mail accounts the sender field will always get displayed.
    • Windows can be collapsed by tapping the appropiate icon.
      • Collapsed windows can be found in the app launcher from where they can get reopened.
    • Apply collapsable window type to appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, and help.


  • Tumblr portal plugin, pending remove with 8.20
  • Pending removals for 8.20
    • Backbone.DisposableView. Use io.ox/backbone/views/disposable instead.
    • Concat of folderAPI.virtual. Use this.concat instead.
    • GetAddressesCollection of mail/sender.js. Use collection instead.
    • GetConference of switchboard/api.js. Use getConference from io.ox/conference/util instead
    • GetPrimaryAddress of mail/sender.js. Use accountAPI.getPrimaryAddress instead.
    • GetSender of mail/util.js. Use sender.js instead.
    • GetTextNode from api/group.js. Use getName instead.
    • GetURLTemplate of simple-wizard/register.js. Use wizard.settings.url instead.
    • IsImplicitlyCancelled. Use isImplicitlyCanceled instead.
    • UpdateSenderList of mail/compose/extensions.js. Use renderDropdown instead.
    • V of whatsnew/util.js
    • Support for className as part of options parameter for createIcon. Use icon.addClass instead.
    • Options parameter vgrid at folder/actions/move.js
  • Remove support for io.ox/mail/settings/compose/register.js
  • Remove support for io.ox/mail/settings/signatures/register.js


  • Breaking change: OXUI-1296: Remove premium-area from folder view


  • DOCS-5050: Some PDF annotations look broken in viewer
  • OXUIB-2478: No way to customize "Join conference" button for new conference types
  • OXUIB-2492: Missing list view controls in calendar
  • OXUIB-2507: Updating allowlist for external images in emails needs a UI refresh
  • OXUIB-2537: Long calendar names cause horizontal scrollbar in new appointment dialog
  • OXUIB-2542: Typos in frontend.pot
  • OXUIB-2544: 1 Message Shows in pt_BR but not en_US
  • OXUIB-2546: Toggle switch labels missing
  • OXUIB-2547: Unread folder is preselected silently when searching
  • OXUIB-2553: Portal inbox widget is empty
  • Early cache invalidation in service worker
  • Use existing paths for status probes of Deployment