App Suite UI

8.16.5 - 2023-08-29


  • Integrate latest translations

8.16.4 - 2023-08-25


  • OXUIB-2501: App launcher menu too small

8.16.3 - 2023-08-21


  • Integrate latest German translations


  • OXUIB-2493: Contact picker icon not visible

8.16.2 - 2023-08-16


  • OXUIB-2490: Logo too small

8.16.1 - 2023-08-10


  • OXUIB-2477: Disabled state of actions with icons not reliable set in all cases

8.16.0 - 2023-08-04


  • OXUI-1303: Add a prompt to the delete actions for Signatures and Templates
  • Support EN 301 549 accessibility statement in accessibility conformance report
  • Support linked settings in whatsnew


  • OXUI-1102: Label 'Click to add photo' to Update Photo in edit contact/user edit dialog
  • OXUI-1224: Redesign of modal dialogs for mobile devices
  • OXUI-1288: Re-render only changed items in notification area
  • Breaking change: OXUI-1297: As a user I can easily navigate and search settings
    • Restructured overall navigation
    • Relocated settings that were at the wrong place
    • Moved important settings upwards, less important or advanced into "Advanced settings" section
    • Changed wording to avoid jargon and make settings more accessible for average users
  • Breaking change: OXUIB-1688: switch from a tags to button tags in Launcher
    • <a> in the launcher menu are now <buttons>
  • OXUIB-2366: A "Discard draft" within mail compose should bypasses the trash in all cases
  • Change default text for AI-specific consent dialog
  • Changed dirty evaluation for readability
  • Increase timeout for ai-service http client to 2m
  • Translation updates


  • Breaking change: OXUI-1304: Twitter integration
  • Documentation for outdated settings index
  • Pending removals for 8.18
    • Remove selector grid for datepickers grid style rule. Use class grid-datepicker instead.
    • Remove legacy mail API
    • Remove extension point io.ox/mail/compose/recipientActionLinkMobile
    • Disabled support for action.requires in io.ox/backbone/views/actions/util. Use action.matches instead.
    • Disabled extension description of io.ox/contacts/detail/content, pending remove with 8.18. Use resources view in src/plugins/administration/resources/settings/view-detail.js instead.
    • Disabled loading of settings module without default data.
    • Disabled api.TabHandling reference in io.ox/core/api/tab. Use named exports instead.


  • DOCS-4951: Missing margin in file details
  • OXUIB-2300: Print view does not allow asynchronous customization
  • OXUIB-2401: OX Display breaks notification area and app control
  • OXUIB-2406: File type icon in drive list view exhibits incorrect color after losing focus
  • OXUIB-2440: Appointment popup closes after user clicks magnifier in attachment viewer
  • OXUIB-2450: Search token not correctly positioned
  • OXUIB-2451: Accessibility: Header Tag (<h1>) in Footer of Mail Floating Window
  • OXUIB-2453: Unable to update password to ical feed
  • OXUIB-2455: Problems during oauth account removal
  • OXUIB-2456: Portal plugin provisioning incompatible with older versions
  • OXUIB-2462: Mobile swipe buttons in mail list may break when simultaneously scrolling the list
  • OXUIB-2466: Calendar phone number detection breaks links in longer descriptions
  • OXUIB-2470: OX Display's bottom leaderboard ad blocks mobile toolbar
  • OXUIB-2471: Mail automatically checked in alternative selection mode
  • OXUIB-2477: Disabled state of actions with icons not reliable set in all cases
  • Generate content for plain-text mails using ai-service