getuserconfigurationsource deprecated

Outputs the current configuration/capabilities for a user

Prints the current configuration and/or capabilities for a user to the console depending on whether -a,--user-capabilities and/or -o,--user-configuration is specified.

-o,--user-configuration allows to specify a pattern to look-up certain configuration properties that apply to the user. A certain property matches the pattern if the pattern ignore-case occurs in the property's name.

In case -a,--user-capabilities is specified, then all user-associated capabilities are supposed to be printed. The applicable capabilities are collected from different sources:

  • permissions: Capabilities granted/denied as per a user's permissions
  • configuration: Capabilities granted/denied as per configuration (config-cascade)
  • provisioning: Capabilities granted/denied as per provisioning tools (via "capabilities-to-add", "capabilities-to-remove" and "capabilities-to-drop" command-line options)
  • programmatic: Capabilities granted/denied as per application logic (e.g. availability of a certain services)


  • -A,--adminuser <arg>
    Admin user name for authentication
  • -a,--user-capabilities
    Signals to output the capabilities associated with the given user.
  • -c,--context <arg>
    A valid context identifier
  • -h,--help
    Prints a help text
  • -i,--userid <arg>
    A valid user identifier
  • -o,--user-configuration <arg>
    Specifies the pattern for the configuration option/s (associated with the given user) that are supposed to be printed.
  • -P,--adminpass <arg>
    Admin password for authentication
  • -p,--port <arg>
    The optional JMX port (default:9999)
  • --responsetimeout <arg>
    The optional response timeout in seconds when reading data from server (default: 0s; infinite)
  • -s,--server <arg>
    The optional RMI server (default: localhost)


./getuserconfigurationsource -A admin -P secret -c 1 -i 2 --user-capabilities

Lists all available capabilities distinguished by capability source

./getuserconfigurationsource -A admin -P secret -c 1 -i 2 --user-configuration com.openexchange.mail

Lists all available properties having "com.openexchange.mail" in their name.