Unified quota deprecated

This article attempts to outline the unified quota option that is available with Middleware Core v7.8.4 and Cloud-Plugins extensions running on an OXaaS platform.

Currently, the unified quota feature can only be enabled for a user, if that user has an individual file storage configured. See File Storages per user to see how to enable/configure a dedicated file storage for a user.

If unified quota is enabled/available for a certain user, the value "unified" is advertised to clients through "io.ox/core//quotaMode" JSlob path (otherwise that path carries the value "default")


Setup & configure the Cassandra connector through installing package open-xchange-cassandra and setting the properties:

(There a more Cassandra properties to set. See Cassandra configuration)


  1. Install the v7.8.4 compliant open-xchange-cloudplugins package, which contains the com.openexchange.cloudplugins.unifiedquota bundle.

  2. Setup Cassandra and create the required data structures as documented in the release documentation of the corresponding release https://software.open-xchange.com/products/appsuite/doc/Cloud_Plugins_Release_Notes_for_Release_X.Y.Z_YYYY-MM-DD.pdf

  3. Enable to use Cassandra in Cloud-Plugins' configuration. Option com.openexchange.cloudplugins.useCassandra is required to be set to true in file cloudplugins-cassandra.properties

  4. Use one of the create methods of the OXResellerUserService SOAP API and

    1. Enable dediacted file storage for the user; e.g. through setting option ALLOW_CHANGING_QUOTA_IF_NO_FILESTORE_SET to true and applying the maxQuota value in order to activate the dedicated file storage per user. The value is in MB.
    2. Enable the com.openexchange.unifiedquota.enabled=true property for the user through config-cascade; e.g. through setting config/com.openexchange.unifiedquota.enabled=true as user attribute
  5. Use the setMailQuota method of the OXaaSService SOAP API and use the same value as in maxQuota in the previous method. This value is also in MB. This method finally activates the unified quota mode.

Users with Unified quota enabled cannot be deleted as long as config/com.openexchange.unifiedquota.enabled=true. Use change method of the OXResellerUserService SOAP API and set this userAttribute to false. Thereafter, it is possible to use the delete method to remove that user.