App Suite UI

8.17.0 - 2023-09-01


  • OXUI-558: Drag and drop support for ICS files
  • OXUI-1210: Dedicated app launcher for mobile devices
  • OXUI-1286: Global config switch to disable Provider Edition
    • New feature toggle based on as-config entry edition: "pe"


  • OXUI-1257: Notifications: Improve Focus Handling

  • OXUI-1278: Remove websocket dependency for Zoom authorization

    • Add origin to zoom oauth callback url for cross window communication
    • Needs voice and video service >= 1.2.0
  • OXUIB-2379: Replace clipboard.js with native navigator.clipboard

  • OXUIB-2474: Remove markup when copying from mail detail header

  • Build target is now es2022 For more information see: (Feature support list) This also drops support for Browsers older than the following:

    Chrome < 94 Firefox < 93 Safari < 16 Edge < 94


  • GetCategories, getCategoriesForPIM, addCategory, removeCategory and saveCategorySettings


  • Breaking change: Dependency clipboard.js
  • Breaking change: Removals for 8.17
  • IE 11 Support Fragments and obsolete css vendor prefixes
  • Pending removals for 8.19
    • Remove all declarations in unused io.ox/contacts/widgets/pictureUpload.scss


  • DOCS-4964: Alignment issue and missing label in upload new version dialog
  • DOCS-5021: Repair "New email" dialog when used inside documents application
  • OXIUB-2494: Html-Element should not have scroll overflow enabled
  • OXUIB-2402: Baton.clone() breaks Baton.preventDefault()
  • OXUIB-2476: Other occurrences vanish if the organizer changes the confirmation state of a series
  • OXUIB-2477: Disabled state of actions with icons not reliable set in all cases
  • OXUIB-2480: Action buttons in contact detail
    • Moved action buttons extension points to contact detail view
  • OXUIB-2482: Icons of Actions in Dropdowns are not replaced by the text title on mobile
  • OXUIB-2490: Logo too small
  • OXUIB-2493: Contact picker icon not visible
  • OXUIB-2495: Mark:invite:confirmed event details
  • OXUIB-2501: App launcher menu too small
  • OXUIB-2506: Deleting a resource results in two HTTP delete requests
  • OXUIB-2514: Error when accessing shared calendar
  • OXUIB-2522: Enterprise picker defaults to descending sort order
  • OXUIB-2523: Text in calendar module cut off