App Suite UI

8.11.4 - 2023-04-12


  • Adding quota mini views synchronously

8.11.3 - 2023-03-22


  • OXUIB-2269: Missing 'Empty trash' option in context menu for Drive folders

8.11.2 - 2023-03-21


  • Integrate latest translations

8.11.1 - 2023-03-20


  • DOCS-4548: In the 'Sharing options' it seems that the invitation expires after one day
  • Spacing of settings folder tree form greedy CSS rule

8.11.0 - 2023-03-10


  • ASP-156: As a user I can search for contacts based on the note field
  • OXUI-1132: Actions in mobile mail detail view
  • OXUI-1135: As a user I can mark appointment participants as optional
    • While creating or editing an appointment it's now possible to mark participants as optional
    • Those optional participants will also be shown as such in the appointment detail view If a count quota is set and 90% of it are used, the count quota is shown in the folder view.
  • OXUI-1142: Count quota for mail
  • OXUI-1147: Text formatting for mobile mail compose
  • OXUI-1148: Mobile settings features
    • Signature settings from desktop version (non-default mobile signatures are preserved)
    • Add mail account function (Settings->Accounts)
    • Mail filter settings (without editing functionality for the rules themselves)
    • IMAP subscriptions (Settings->Mail)
  • OXUI-1172: As a user I can configure when unread emails get marked as read
  • OXUI-1180: As a user I have more flexibility when creating an email reminder
  • As a user I can see a comprehensive list of changes in Whats New


  • Change storage location of url.key from cookie to jslob
  • OXUI-1149: mobile calendar behavior
  • Change appointment colors for better distinction
  • Change getViewOptions so that mail folders inherit sort options from parent folders
  • Change that certain features can be loaded immediately when setting delay to zero
  • Meeting countdown is available as a feature by default
  • The option "Participants can make changes" (edit appointment) is disabled if the only attendee is the organizer


  • Unused/empty module io.ox/settings/accounts/email/model
  • Unused/empty module io.ox/settings/accounts/settings/defaults
  • Unused object 'api.TabHandling' and wrapper function for 'api.createUrl'
  • Unused getGroup from mail/compose/util.js


  • OXUI-1159: Topbar logo alignment for all possible cases
    • Logo is now properly aligned with the sidebar
    • If no other action is configured, a click on the topbar logo now opens the default app
  • OXUI-1186: What's New dialog for mobile devices
  • OXUIB-2107: isValidMailAddress does not properly validate domain part
    • Validation is now by default more strict about domain names
    • Added some toggles to adjust domain validation:
      • validation/emailAddress/idn (default: true) to allow international domain names
      • validation/emailAddress/puny (default: true) to allow punycode syntax
      • validation/emailAddress/fallback (default: false) for a simple TLD check
      • validation/emailAddress/ip (default: true) to toggle IP addresses as valid domain part
      • validation/emailAddress/dotless (default: false) to allow domains like localhost
  • OXUIB-2175: Empty categories shown for some contacts (2)
  • OXUIB-2175: Empty categories shown for some contacts
  • OXUIB-2191: Sharing dialog instantly resizes on first show
  • OXUIB-2193: "Move task" dialog uses wrong text color for active selection
  • OXUIB-2194: Appointments are not updated when Calendar is in search mode
  • OXUIB-2195: Copy link does not work in "Call" dialog
  • OXUIB-2197: Vacation notice is overlapping the info box in list view
  • OXUIB-2198: Empty RSS widgets can be added to portal
  • OXUIB-2202: Mail compose attachment section always shows scrolling indicator
  • OXUIB-2203: Planning view opened from appointment create should not offer "save as distribution list"
  • OXUIB-2204: GDPR export download button causes js error
  • OXUIB-2208: Process subsequent icon not updating in mail filter settings
  • OXUIB-2211: Calendar categories feature missing / search not intuitive
  • OXUIB-2213: Calendar week incorrect for planning view
  • OXUIB-2216: Undefined version sent with user feedback
  • OXUIB-2219: Attendee is not recognized as organizer if URI differs but entity is identical
  • OXUIB-2226: Mail search broken for virtual folder "Unread"
  • OXUIB-2231: Folder tree 'standard-folders' first render contains styled placeholder list element
  • OXUIB-2232: Age calculation wrong in notification area
  • OXUIB-2233: Remote ressources are loaded in print view on multi selection
  • OXUIB-2238: Participant column is not aligned with timeline
  • OXUIB-2247: "PasswordViewToggle" component behavior and look
  • OXUIB-2256: Broken subscription icon-button in folder tree
  • Added missing ox.root to logging URL
  • Image loading for categories in search dropdown
  • Layout issues in WhatsNew/Updates dialog on mobile