App Suite UI

8.10.2 - 2023-02-23


  • Improve translations in all languages


  • OXUIB-2231: Folder tree 'standard-folders' first render contains styled placeholder list element
  • Added missing ox.root to logging URL

8.10.1 - 2023-02-15


  • German translations for new features


  • OXUIB-2211: Calendar categories feature missing / search not intuitive

8.10.0 - 2023-02-10


  • OXUI-1122: Users might not understand how to simply search for words
    • A default row in the suggestion dropdown adds a "contains" suggestion
    • The action does the same as just hitting enter in the search field without using any filter
  • OXUI-1137: As a user I see the relative time until an appointment starts
  • Show maps icon in appointment location to open map services like Google or Apple maps
  • OXUI-1123: Online Help supports feature toggles
  • OXUI-1121: UI retries failing HTTP request automatically
    • If the user has a shaky connection or the server has some hickups, UI instantly reported a missing connection
    • Requests will now be retried up to 3 times with a increasing delay of some seconds
  • Simple logging for missing configuration during boot


  • Breaking change: Simplify createIcon
    • Deprecate options parameter, as it's simply not needed
    • Add 'load' event to the icon element
  • Sort appointment participants by confirmation status first, name second
  • Change mail categories towards a cleaner appearance
  • Breaking change: OXUI-1024: Upgrade socket-io client to v4.5.4
  • Reflect user's current status in confirmation buttons (accept, maybe, decline) in appointment detail views
  • Update focus styles to conform to upcoming WCAG 2.2
  • OXUI-1140: Ask for mailto registration at most once in a week
  • Use os-specific icons in "Connect your device" wizard
  • Use light gray for os-specific icons in "Connect your device" wizard


  • Options parameter in createIcon function
  • Instances based on apiFactory always provide a search method


  • Breaking change: Deprecated EditableAttachmentList. Please use mini-views/attachments instead
  • Breaking change: Deprecated io.ox/core/notifications.js


  • OXUIB-1569: Autocomplete sometimes not showing desired contacts
  • OXUIB-2033: XSS at Tumblr portal widget due to missing content sanitization
  • OXUIB-2127: Error when editing group members
  • OXUIB-2136: Mail sender and avatar is sometimes wrong
  • OXUIB-2137: Different due dates for the same task
  • OXUIB-2139: Deep links for appointments don't cover recurrence
  • OXUIB-2143: Screen flashes in dark mode during ox.load
  • OXUIB-2145: Tokenfield length and offset get wrong calculated
  • OXUIB-2146: Calendar-edit: Dropzone has wrong z-index after a resource got added
  • OXUIB-2148: Printing a short mail always creates two pages in print preview
  • OXUIB-2149: Add from drive shown for PIM objects without infostore capability
  • OXUIB-2150: Mailfilter allows too many catchall redirect addresses
  • OXUIB-2155: Refresh interval in settings has strange location
  • OXUIB-2156: getLanguage() on login page ignores chosen language
  • OXUIB-2157: Email body not fully shown sometimes
  • OXUIB-2159: Unread indicator not rendered when App Suite gets started in another app than Mail
  • OXUIB-2160: Missing auto-select of first list-view item when using keyboard
  • OXUIB-2161: Mail tokens overlap further inputs if there isn’t enough space
  • OXUIB-2164: Irregular sorting display within Drive folders
  • OXUIB-2167: Guard mails can not be printed
  • OXUIB-2169: Broken overflow in advanced search
  • OXUIB-2170: Label "Languages" is invisible on mobile login page
  • OXUIB-2171: Runtime error when canceling closing appointment dialog by hitting escape
  • OXUIB-2173: Errors in halo view
  • OXUIB-2174: Appointment opens unexpectedly in mobile calendar list view
  • OXUIB-2180: Cut off letter "g" in messages when using Firefox
  • OXUIB-2189: Missing translation on login error without credentials
  • OXUIB-2190: Using quotes in folder names breaks during rename
  • Restore focus of onboarding dialog