Settings list deprecated


This page shows a list of useful config option to customize App Suite UI. We recommend to read the main article on how to configure App Suite UI first.


Settings are logically divided via namespaces for each module. The namespace itself is divided by a doube slash // from the setting's name when written down to a config file. Ensure to always use the double slash in your settings string, otherwise this will lead to errors and your setting will not work.

For example io.ox/core//someSetting or io.ox/mail//anotherMailSetting.

In this case we have two different namespaces, io.ox/core and io.ox/mail. The setting someSetting only exists in the core namespace, anotherMailSetting only in mail accordingly.

Feature toggles

App Suite UI offers different feature toggles. These toggles control the appearance (or flavor) of different features in the UI.

io.ox/core//features/dedicatedLogoutButton=<bool> Show a logout button at the topbar.

io.ox/core//features/folderIcons=<bool> Show icons in the folder tree next to folder labels.

io.ox/core//features/logoutButtonHint=<bool> Shows a reminder tooltip if the user has not logged during the last page visit.

io.ox/core//features/reloginPopup=<bool> Show a modal dialog to enable an inline relogin without showing the login page.

io.ox/core//features/storeSavePoints=<bool> Enable/disable restorepoints for edit dialogs.

io.ox/core//features/validateMailAddresses=<bool> Enable validiation for email addresses in mail compose dialog.

io.ox/core//features/validatePhoneNumbers=<bool> Enable validiation for phone numbers.

io.ox/core//features/windowHeaderPosition=<string> Placement of buttons in new/edit dialogs. Default is 'bottom' ('top', 'bottom')

io.ox/core//disabledSettingsPanes=<string> Disable one or more settings panes vie extension point ids of io.ox/settings/pane

io.ox/core//pdf/enablePreconversionOnUpload=<bool> Enable/disable PDF preconversion of office documents on file upload and when a new file version is added. Default is true.

io.ox/core//pdf/enablePreconversionOnMailFetch=<bool> Enable/disable PDF preconversion of office documents for mail attachments. Default is true.

io.ox/core//pdf/enableRangeRequests=<bool> Enable/disable range requests support to fetch PDF rendering data in chunks. Default is 'true'.

Topbar / Apps

io.ox/core//apps/quickLaunchCount=<number> How many quick launch icons should appear in the Topbar by default (default: 3)

io.ox/core//apps/quickLaunch=<string> Default Apps for quick launcher. Comma-separated string of App IDs Default: 'io.ox/mail/main,io.ox/calendar/main,io.ox/files/main'

io.ox/core//logoFileName=<string> Change the default file name for the logo in the topbar. Default (logo.png)

io.ox/core//logoAction=<string> Change the action when clicking on the topbar logo. Either a URI to open in a new tab or an App ID. I.e. or io.ox/mail/main. Default is unset.


io.ox/core//autoOpenNotificationarea=<bool> Open notification area automatically on new notification.

io.ox/core//notificationsHidingTimer=<number> Hide notifications for n milliseconds after the user clicks on 'Notify me again later' (default is 1800000 (30 minutes)).

io.ox/core//showDesktopNotifications=<bool> Show native desktop notifications. Default true. Important: Depends also on browser settings.

io.ox/core//properties/contactImageMaxWidth=<number> Maximum target image width when croping contact/user images in pixels (default: 500).

Feedback dialog

io.ox/core//feedback/show=<bool> Show one or more feedback buttons. Default value is 'both' which shows a dropdown entry in the settings menu and a button in the main content window. (topbar/side/both).

io.ox/core//feedback/supportlink<string> Hyperlink to a support site referenced in the feedback dialog.

io.ox/core//feedback/position<string> Set position of the feedback button. Default value is right. (left|right).

io.ox/core//feedback/showHover=<bool> Show rating string on mouse hover in feedback dialog.

io.ox/core//feedback/showModuleSelect=<bool> Defines if the feedback dialog is aware of it's current App and the rating is based on this. If set to "true" every App can be rated regardless which App is currently running.


io.ox/core//refreshInterval=<number> Automatic UI refresh interval in milliseconds (default 300000 (5 minutes)).

io.ox/core//settings/downloadsDisabled=<bool> Enables/disables download pane for additional software components in settings.

io.ox/core//theme=<string> Current user theme. Default default

Mail compose: tinyMCE text editor

io.ox/core//maxUploadIdleTimeout Timeout for contenteditable-editor in milliseconds when adding inline images

io.ox/core//tinyMCE/theme_advanced_buttons1=<string> List of tinyMCE toolbar actions separated by space - targets toolbar1
Default: '*undo *redo | bold italic underline | bullist numlist outdent indent'

io.ox/core//tinyMCE/theme_advanced_buttons2=<string> List of tinyMCE toolbar actions separated by space - targets toolbar2) Default: empty

io.ox/core//tinyMCE/theme_advanced_buttons3=<string> List of tinyMCE toolbar actions separated by space - targets toolbar3 Default: empty

io.ox/core//tinyMCE/font_format=<string> List of availabe fonts (also used for settings pane). Default:

"System=-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,helvetica,sans-serif;Andale Mono=andale mono,times;Arial=arial,helvetica,sans-serif;Arial Black=arial black,avant garde;Book Antiqua=book antiqua,palatino;Comic Sans MS=comic sans ms,sans-serif;Courier New=courier new,courier;Georgia=georgia,palatino;Helvetica=helvetica;Impact=impact,chicago;Symbol=symbol;Tahoma=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;Terminal=terminal,monaco;Times New Roman=times new roman,times;Trebuchet MS=trebuchet ms,geneva;Verdana=verdana,geneva;Webdings=webdings;Wingdings=wingdings,zapf dingbats"


io.ox/core//tracking/enabled=<bool> Enable tracking in App Suite UI

io.ox/core//tracking/donottrack=<bool> Respect "do not track" browser setting


io.ox/core//tracking/piwik/enabled=<bool> Enable Piwik adapter for tracking

io.ox/core//tracking/piwik/url=<string> Piwik server url

io.ox/core//tracking/piwik/id=<string> Piwik id

Google Analytics

io.ox/core//tracking/analytics/enabled=<bool> Enable Google Analytics adapter

io.ox/core//tracking/analytics/id=<string> Google analytics id

io.ox/core//tracking/analytics/url=<string> Analytics URL, usually

io.ox/core//tracking/analytics/mapping=<string> Optional mappings for custom dimensions


io.ox/core//tracking/console/enabled=<bool> Enables debugging console adapter that logs events to browser console.

io.ox/core//tracking/context/enabled=<bool> Enabled context tracker that provides last 10 tracked events via window.ox.metrics


io.ox/core//upsell/enabled=<bool> List of capabilities that are available for upsell.

io.ox/core//upsell/defaultIcon=<string> Default icon used for upsell 'decoration'.

io.ox/core//upsell/premium/folderView/visible=<bool> Show premium link in folder tree.

io.ox/core//upsell/premium/folderView/closedByUser=<bool> Is the user allowed to hide the premium link permanently.

io.ox/core//features/upsell/[feature-id]/enabled=<bool> Upsell enabled for feature.

io.ox/core//features/upsell/[feature-id]/color=<string> Customize upsell 'decoration' appearance.

io.ox/core//features/upsell/[custom-id]/icon=<string> Customize upsell 'decoration' appearance.


If the capability 'edit_password' is set, a user can change his own password in App Suite UI.

io.ox/core//password/showStrength=<bool> Show password strength

io.ox/core//password/minLength=<number> Passwort minimum length

io.ox/core//password/maxLength=<number> Password max length

io.ox/core//password/regexp=<string> Check new password against a regular expression (i.e. "is there at least one upper case letter")

io.ox/core//password/special=<string> Required special characters for new passwords

Client Onboarding

io.ox/core//features/clientOnboardingHint/enabled=<bool> Enables a hint on mobiles to inform about the onboarding Wizard (true/false)

io.ox/core//features/clientOnboardingHint/remaining=<number> Number of times hint is beeing shown. The protection of this setting needs to be disabled in any case.


io.ox/core//autoLogout=<bool> Timeout until a user is logged out automatically if inactive

io.ox/core//autoStart=<string> First App to start after login, Default: io.ox/mail/main

io.ox/core//autoStartMobile=<string> First App to start after login on mobile devices. Default: io.ox/mail/main

io.ox/core//selectionMode=<string> Specifies behavior when selecting items in mail listview. Default: normal ('normal'|'alternative'|'simple')


Please read for detailed information and expamples how to customize the App Suite UI Portal and pre configure widgets for users.

First Start Widget

io.ox/portal//settings/getStartedLink=<string> Target of 'get started' labled link in 'getting started' widget

Widget properties

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/color=<string> Color of title and highligting within widget preview/content

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/enabled=<bool> Enabled state

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/index=<string> Specifies order of widgets. I.e. first or numeric value

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/inverse=<bool> Use color for background instead of title

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/plugin=<string> Reference to tht plugin id/path. I.e "plugins/portal/birthdays/register"

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/props=<string> Additional data like custom description or related configuration

io.ox/portal//widgets/user/[widgetid]/type=<string> Widget type like rss or stickyfile


io.ox/portal//mobile/summaryView=<bool> User setting, show only a small summary view of each widget on smartphones


io.ox/mail//allowHtmlImages=<bool> Allow pre-loading of externally linked images.

io.ox/mail//allowHtmlMessages=<bool> Allow HTML formatted emails.

io.ox/mail//displayEmoticons=<bool> Display emoticons as graphics in text emails.

io.ox/mail//isColorQuoted=<bool> Colored quotes in emails.

io.ox/mail//useFixedWidthFont=<bool> Use fixed-width font for text emails.

io.ox/mail//beautifyPlainText=<bool> Prettify plain text emails.

io.ox/mail//sendDispositionNotification=<bool> Show requests for read receipts.

io.ox/mail//autoselectMailOnStart=<bool> Automatically select first read mail on mail app start. (Default true)

User Preferences:

io.ox/mail//removeDeletedPermanently=<bool> Permanently remove deleted emails instead of moving them to the trash folder first (true|false)

io.ox/mail//contactCollectOnMailTransport=<bool> Automatically collect contacts in the folder "Collected addresses" while sending - depends on capability 'collect_email_addresses' (true|false)

io.ox/mail//contactCollectOnMailAccess=<bool> Automatically collect contacts in the folder "Collected addresses" while reading - depends on capability 'collect_email_addresses' (true|false)

io.ox/mail//features/registerProtocolHandler=<bool> Ask for mailto link registration (true|false)

io.ox/mail//features/trusted/user=<string> User-defined, comma-separated list of mail adresses or specific domains which will be whitlisted for loading external images in HTML mails.

io.ox/mail//features/trusted/admin=<string> Admin-defined, comma-separated list of mail adresses or specific domains which will be whitlisted for loading external images in HTML mails. I.e. useful for customer care email addresses or domains.

io.ox/mail//unseenMessagesFolder=<bool> Show folder with all unseen messages (true|false)

io.ox/mail//playSound=<bool> Play sound on incoming push email - depends on capability 'websocket' otherwise the option will not be shown.

io.ox/mail//notificationSoundName=<string> Default sound to play on incoming push mail. Default bell, can be one of bell, marimba, wood, chimes


io.ox/mail//appendVcard=<bool> Append vCard to email.

io.ox/mail//appendMailTextOnReply=<bool> Insert the original email text to a reply.

io.ox/mail//confirmReplyToMailingLists=<bool> Confirm recipients when replying to a mailing list. Useful to avoid flooding mailing lists with unwanted replies to the list.

io.ox/mail//forwardMessageAs=<string> Value Inline (default) or Attachment.

io.ox/mail//messageFormat=<string> Value html (default), text or alternative.

io.ox/mail//defaultSendAddress=<string> Default sender address from available accounts. Default not set.

io.ox/mail//autoSaveAfter=<number> Interval to update composition space during compose in milliseconds. Default: 15000 (15 seconds)

io.ox/mail//autobcc=<bool> Always add the following recipient to BCC.

io.ox/mail//defaultFontStyle/family=<string> Value browser-default, Andale Mono or one of io.ox/core//tinyMCE/font_format. Desktop only.

io.ox/mail//defaultFontStyle/size=<string> Value browser-default or i.e. 8pt. Desktop only.

io.ox/mail//defaultFontStyle/color=<string> Default font color as CSS color string. I.e. #334455

io.ox/mail//showReplyTo/configurable=<bool> Show 'reply to' field

io.ox/mail//maxSize/compose=<number> Max size of returned characters for mail reply/forward in bytes (API parameter) Default: 524288 (512 kB)

io.ox/mail//maxSize/view=<number> Max size of returned characters for mail viewing in bytes. Default: 102400 (100 kB)

Mail compose: Image resize

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/enabled=<bool> Feature toggle to enable resizing of images

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/default=<string> Feature toggle to enable resizing of images (default 320)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/small=<number> Size of the target image (longest edge) for a small image as integer (default 320)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/medium=<number> Size of the target image (longest edge) for a medium image as integer (default 640)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/large=<number> Size of the target image (longest edge) for a large image as integer (default 1280)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/quality=<number> Quality for the compression while resizing as float (default 0.75)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/imageSizeThreshold=<number> Threshold for the size in pixel of the longest edge after which a resize is recommended as integer (default 1024)

io.ox/mail//features/imageResize/fileSizeMax=<number> Maximum size in bytes that will be resized as integer, if one image exceeds this threshold the resize dropdown will not be displayed (default 10485760)


io.ox/mail//defaultSignature=<number> ID of default signature. Signatures are stored as Snippets on MW (DB)

io.ox/mail//defaultReplyForwardSignature=<number> ID of default forward and reply signature. Fallback is value of 'defaultSignature'

io.ox/mail//defaultSignaturePosition=<string> value is above or below (default below)

io.ox/mail//mobileSignatureType=<string> Value is custom or none. If custom is set, signature from io.ox/mail//mobileSignatureis taken.

io.ox/mail//mobileSignature=<string> Mobile signature as plain text string.


io.ox/mail//attachOriginalMessage=<bool> Attach original message on touch devices

io.ox/mail//features/accounts/configureUnifiedInboxOnCreate=<bool> Allow enabling unified inbox for an account at the "Add Mail account" dialog

io.ox/mail//features/authenticity=<bool> Enables the authenticity feature. Please note that com.openexchange.mail.authenticity.enabled on MW has to be turned on as well. (default: false)

<-- currently hardcoded as 'fail_neutral_trusted' and 'protected' by MW and not adjustable by any property file change or user interaction. io.ox/mail//authenticity/level=<string> If authenticity is enabled on MW and UI (see features/authenticity) and this value is not marked as proteced, the user can select a level which controls how strict the authenticty results are shown at UI side. (default: none, values: none, fail_neutral_trusted and all) -->

io.ox/mail//features/autoCollapseBlockquotes=<bool> If enabled, blockquotes larger than 300 chars will be collapsed.

io.ox/mail//features/cleanSubjects=<bool> Remove clutter from subjects like AW: or RE:

io.ox/mail//features/notifyOnSent=<bool> Show an infopopup after mail was send successfully. Default false

io.ox/mail//listview/primaryPageSize=<number> Initial size of mail list until pagination will start. Default 50

io.ox/mail//listview/secondaryPageSize=<bool> Sets how many mails will loaded on each paginate call. Default 200

io.ox/mail//prefetch/count=<bool> Prefetch N mails on Mail App startup. Default 5

io.ox/mail//features/prefetchOnBoot='' Prefetch the first chunk of mail data (action=all) already on App Suite boot. Only disable this if you want to customize mail columns later on. Default true

io.ox/mail//prefetch/next=<bool> Prefetch next mail in line during list traversing via cursor or selection. Default true

io.ox/mail//transform/multipleEmptyLines=<bool> reduce multiple empty lines in plain text mails to a maximum of 2 (detail view, compose: html-to-text). Default true

io.ox/mail//features/usePrimaryAccountNameInTree=<bool> Use the primary account name as label for the folder tree root node of non standard folders. If set to false the the String 'My Folders' will be used. Default true



io.ox/contacts//showAdmin=<bool> Show context admin in addressbook. Default false

io.ox/contacts//showDepartment=<bool> Whenever a contact from the global addressbook is rendered, additionally show the department (field) next to the name. Default false

io.ox/contacts//startInGlobalAddressbook=<bool> Start in global addressbook when Contacts App is launched. Default true

io.ox/contacts//mapService=<string> External map service to locate addresses. One of google (Google Maps, default), osm (Open Street Map) or apple (Apple Maps, only works on iOS and MacOS)

Addressbook picker

io.ox/contacts//picker/limits/departments=<number> Maxium departments to show. Default 100

io.ox/contacts//picker/limits/fetch=<number> Maximum number of concacts to fetch. Default 10000

io.ox/contacts//picker/limits/list=<number> Max elements shown in the list before first paginate. Default 100

io.ox/contacts//picker/limits/more=<number> Elements for addition loading on each subsequent paginate call. Default 100

io.ox/contacts//picker/limits/search=<number> Maximum search results. Default 50


User settings

io.ox/calendar//startTime=<number> Start of working time as hour of the day in current timezone. Default 8

io.ox/calendar//endTime=<number> End of working time as hour of the day in current timezone. Default 18

io.ox/calendar//interval=<number> Selected calendar grid scale interval in minutes. One of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60. Default 30.

io.ox/calendar//showDeclinedAppointments=<bool> Should declined appointments be displayed in the user calendar. Default true

io.ox/calendar//deleteInvitationMailAfterAction=<bool> Automatically delete appointment invitation emails after the appointment has been accepted or declined.

io.ox/calendar//markFulltimeAppointmentsAsFree=<bool> Mark all day appointments as 'free' for free/busy views. Default false

io.ox/calendar//notifyNewModifiedDeleted=<bool> Receive notification emails for appointment changes where the user is participants. Default true

io.ox/calendar//notifyAcceptedDeclinedAsCreator=<bool> Receive notification emails as appointment organizer when participants accept or decline. Default false

io.ox/calendar//notifyAcceptedDeclinedAsParticipant=<bool> Receive notification emails as appointment participants when other participants accept or decline. Default false

io.ox/calendar//deleteInvitationMailAfterAction=<bool> Automatically delete invitation emails after the appointment has been accepted or declined. Default true

io.ox/calendar//numDaysWorkweek=<number> Number of days in a work week. Default 5

io.ox/calendar//workweekStart=<number> Day to start the workweek. Numeric where Sunday is 0. Default 1 (Monday)

io.ox/calendar//favoriteTimezones=<string> Array of timezones like ['Europe/Berlin']

io.ox/calendar//renderTimezones=<bool> Array of timzones that specifies that timezones out of the favoriteTimeszones that should be displayed

Scheduling view

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/zoom=<number> Zoom level in percent. One of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 or 1000. Default 100

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/compact=<bool> Use compact mode for scheduling view, rows take less vertical space. Default false

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/showFree=<bool> Show/hide appointments that are marked as free. Default false

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/showReserved=<bool> Show/hide appointments that are marked as reserved. Default false

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/onlyWorkingHours=<bool> Show only working hours in scheduling view. Default true

io.ox/calendar//scheduling/dateRange=<string> Show either one week or the complete month in the view (week or month). Default week


io.ox/calendar//defaultFolderColor=<string> Calendar folder color as CSS HEX string, defaults to #CFE6FF

io.ox/calendar//freeBusyStrict=<bool> Hide appointment data in planning view for all appointment where the user is not an participants. Default true

io.ox/calendar//participantBlacklist=<string> List of blacklisted participants which can not be added to appointments. Useful for mailing lists.

io.ox/calendar//viewView=<string> value is 'week:day', 'week:workweek', 'week:week', 'month' or 'list'


io.ox/files//showHidden=<bool> Show hidden files and folders. Default false

io.ox/files//uploadHandling=<string> Strategy how to handle files with identical names. One of newVersion, announceNewVersion or newFile. Default announceNewVersion.

io.ox/files//autoplayPause=<number> Slideshow / Autoplay mode pause in seconds. Default 5

io.ox/files//audioEnabled=<bool> Play audio files in viewer. Default true

io.ox/files//videoEnabled=<bool> Play video files in viewer. Default true.

io.ox/files//autoplayLoopMode=<string> Autoplaymode of the viewer. loopEndlessly or loopOnlyOnce. Default loopEndlessly

io.ox/files//features/comments=<bool> Allow comments when uploaded a new version of a file. Default true


io.ox/tasks//notifyAcceptedDeclinedAsCreator=<bool> Receive notifications when a participant accepted or declined a task created by you. Default false

io.ox/tasks//notifyAcceptedDeclinedAsParticipant=<bool> Receive notifications when a participant accepted or declined a task in which you participate. Default false

io.ox/tasks//notifyNewModifiedDeleted=<bool> Receive notifications when a task in which you participate is created, modified or deleted. Default false

Portal: OX Drive Clients Widget

plugins/portal//oxdriveclients/appIconAsBase64=<string> App icon encoded as base64 string.

plugins/portal//oxdriveclients/l10nImages=<string> Array of language strings like 'en,de,es'. This will indicate which localized app store images are present. Default ['de', 'en', 'es', 'fr', 'it', 'nl']

plugins/portal//oxdriveclients/linkTo/[windows|android|ios|macos]=<string> Link to Appstore or download location

plugins/portal//oxdriveclients/productName=<string> Customized product name for OX Drive. Default OX Drive