Aggregated bug-fixes for 7.10.5

Last Update: 2021-02-10

Release 7.10.5 (2021-02-10)

Shipped Components and Versions

Fixed Vulnerabilities

OXUIB-645 CVE-2021-26698


OXUIB-509 CVE-2020-28945


OXUIB-421 CVE-2020-24701

CVSS: 3.1

OXUIB-412 CVE-2020-24701

CVSS: 3.1

OXUIB-411 CVE-2020-24701

CVSS: 3.1

MWB-839 CVE-2021-26698


Fixed Bugs

OXUIB-647 Problem on read receipt: bad sender mail address

Primary address was used in all cases.This has been fixed by adding recipient parameter when calling api.ack and in case mail was send to alias address also this one is used for ack.

OXUIB-627 Appointments jump to current week on click

The short drag started the drag and drop mechanism of the appointment. Usually, this will not be a problem, but if the appointment is not within the displayed timeframe, the drag and drop mechanism does not work.This has been solved by disabling drag and drop for appointments, that are not within the visible timeframe.

OXUIB-610 User feedback time controlled option not documented

Documentation simply was not added during development.Add documentation from feature description to technical docs.

OXUIB-602 Missing contact image in desktop notifications

With WebSockets disabled, desktop notifications for mail didn’t fetched a contact image.This has been solved by refactoring mail desktop notifications to use the same message style as with WebSockets enabled.

OXUIB-591 Reminders for past appointments works not correct

Heading ‘Reminder’ was still visible on the settings pane when showPastReminders was set to protected.Do not render heading when setting is protected.

OXUIB-584 Theme is translated as Design in pane.js

Theme has been translated with Design and Design has also been translated with Design.This has been solved by changing the translation of Theme from Design to Theme.

OXUIB-573 Attach vCard to an email - no checkmark in dropdown shown

Was caused by missing listener to detect, whether the vcard is attached or not.This has been fixed by introducing missing listeners.

OXUIB-561 External Storage account cannot be added immediately after it got deleted

This was caused by a missing trigger and listener for reset events.This has been solved by adding missing trigger and listener for reset events.

OXUIB-556 No refresh on account recovery options

Settings pane for account was not updated when recovering passwords.This has been fixed by adding listener to refresh and update the account settings pane.

OXUIB-549 Recurring appointment removal and portal widget aligment

Due to incorrectly linked events, the portal widget does not always detect when events are changed.The incorrectly linked events were adjusted accordingly to solve this issue.

OXUIB-541 Login page cut off on small screens

The header and footer were absolute positioned, which doesn’t look nice with a flex layout.This has been fixed by refactoring markup to use flex layout as it is intended.

OXUIB-536 Signatures not above quoted text on forwarded mail

ForwardUnquoted was not recognized by plaintext editor.This has been solved by adding forwardUnquoted detection for plaintext editor.

OXUIB-535 Print view for imported entries does not adjust calendar dates by Time Zone

No conversion to default time zone when printing in month and week view.This has been fixed by adding time zone conversion.

OXUIB-529 No refresh of account warning after recovery

UI was not updated after recovering accounts.This has been fixed by triggering an UI update, when accounts are recovered.

OXUIB-523 Error from accounts APIs prevent UI login

Due to an unhandled error the login could be prevented.Now the error is intercepted so that the login is not aborted.

OXUIB-515 Unable to Create Filter Rule using a Condition

Wrong timezone was selected when parsing date input.This has been solved by using default timezone when parsing the date input.

OXUIB-485 Context menu on folders are missing ‘delete all messages’ after marking/unmarking spam

When spam folder is empty and you move a mail to it (via “mark as spam”) folder count was still 0.This has been solved by adding a refresh of the folder.

OXUIB-472 Format-Error for some RSS Feeds on Portal page

Feed sometimes wrongly uses numeric character reference instead of char.This has been solved by adding a rule to replace those occurrences with simple quotes.

OXUIB-467 Mail print: recent chrome browsers do split small mail in multiple pages

Was caused by custom print rule of individual mail applies.This has been fixed by overwriting css page property.

OXUIB-463 Signature selector in compose window not scrolling

The dropdown overlaped the viewport.Now, when overlap is detected make dropdown scrollable.

OXUIB-444 Address book: the number of contacts is wrong

In some cases not the “total” value of a folder was used for display but a calculation. If the setting “com.openexchange.showAdmin” is set to false the displayed value differs from the actual number.If the folder supports the “total” value this value will be used now. If the setting “com.openexchange.showAdmin” is set to false, the displayed value is calculated accordingly.

OXUIB-416 Import of calendar leads to massive thread spike and timeout

Was caused by post-processing after calendar import is triggered per event group.This has been solved by importing post-process results in single task, enqueue long running import jobs.

OXUIB-404 Incomplete attachment dropdown in the contact detail view

CSS rule for overflow was overruled.This has been solved by improving selector so overflow rule is active again.

OXUIB-394 Unable to Copy/Paste in Compose Window

tinymce adjusts height of node flexible and “starts” with a single line.Add a dynamic min-height as it is already set for iframe container.

OXUIB-393 View Source starts at the bottom

Firefox has od focus behavior, scrolls to bottom on focus, and ignores scroll top function.This has been solved by deferring scroll top to fix firefox focus bug.

OXUIB-177 Toggling editor mode appends signature instead of replacing it

The signature content was not correctly recognized when switching from plain text to html editor.This has been solved by removing signature on editor toggle and append it again afterward.

MWB-915 CardDAV: contacts gets removed from server by disabling / enabling contacts (sub)folders for DAV Sync

macOS client sends unconditional DELETE for no longer listed vCard resources after list of synchronized folders changes.Use variable path to special aggregated collection with different modes for macOS clients and introduced new modes for folders in aggregated collection.

MWB-833 CardDAV: subscribe / unsubscribe CardDAV folders has no effect on macOS address book

A modified “subscribed” or “usedforsync” status in one of the underlying folders is not recognized during the incremental synchronization of the aggregated collection in CardDAV.This has been fixed by including folder state in sync-token of aggregated collection for CardDAV.

MWB-818 DAV ETags missing quotes?

ETag and Schedule-Tag header values not submitted as quoted string.Submit ETag and Schedule-Tag header values as quoted string.

MWB-806 DAV fails on passwords with trailing space

Decoded strings from basic authentication header were trimmed.Don’t trim decoded strings from basic authentication header.

MWB-805 WebEX invitations are displaying the incorrect timezone

Unknown timezone in invitation not interpreted correctly.More sophisticated comparison of parsed timezone observances during import.

MWB-799 Optimize FolderMapManagement cache

Inefficient max. size restriction of in-memory folder cache.This has been solved by using the SessionD events when the short term sessions are removed and use the Guava cache’s expireAfterAccess method with a decent max time that should only remove stale entries.

MWB-792 New feature ‘File backup’ is not working

One optimisation was done: Resume reading an S3 object’s content when HTTP connection gets unexpectedly closed due to premature EOF (actually read bytes do not match advertised content length)

MWB-768 Imported vcard shows mail address twice in contact

Several fallback machnisms led to duplicate entries.This was fixed by avoiding to import an already existing email.

MWB-762 Failed to delete (aborted or) completed data export tasks

Deletion of data export task fails due to missing/absent user/context entities when querying appropriate schema reference for a user to operate on correct database.This has been solved by making config-cascade robust towards missing/absent user/context entity.

MWB-751 Department field in contact is set to NULL if left empty

The company and department fields were not checked if they were set in the actual contact object.This has been solved by checking if the company and department are set in the actual contact before adding them to the vcard file.

MWB-705 Special characters in folder names on external webDAV folders lead to errors

Decoding with URLDecoder caused the plus sign to be converted into a space character.This has been solved by fixing the URI decoding.

MWB-694 AppSuite Webmail Safari Error

Null check for relay state was not sufficient.This has been solved by properly checking for empty relay state.

MWB-689 Address book: the number of contacts is wrong

In case com.openexchange.showAdmin was set to false the check for contact count was wrong.

MWB-653 Error while editing added mail account - Please enter the following data: primary_address

Primary address was unnecessary checked.Don’t require primary address when checking mail account connectivity to solve this issue.

MWB-652 Hazelcast : Could not create Portable for class-id: 103

Likely a database error happens when trying to create or modify an appointment, but unfortunately the clean-up code itself raises an error that overlays the original one. Thus it is not possible to see the database error causing the failing create/update.Don’t overlay possible exceptions when performing clean-up stuff. The associated change cannot be considered as a fix for this issue. However, it is necessary to detect what is really going wrong when attempting to create or modify an appointment.

MWB-633 “Send a Read Receipt” button shown in sent mail

Address to notify not checked if covered by user’s aliases. if so, not notification should be sent.Do not advertise “disp_notification_to” field in a mail’s JSON representation if address to notify is covered by user’s aliases to solve this issue.

MWB-632 Code:202 Message:primaryMail, Email1 and defaultSenderAddress must be present in set of aliases

Case-sensitive check if provided E-Mail addresses are contained in set of user aliases.This has been solved by ignore-case checking if provided E-Mail addresses are contained in set of user aliases.

MWB-614 Listquota: Could not find or load main class

Was caused by wrong package name.This has been solved by using correct package name.

MWB-594 ChangePasswordExternal fails with “Error occurred within server..” if set to 1, 4 or 5

Standard display message advertised to client in case error “PSW-0001” (“Cannot change password…”) occurs when user’s attempts to change his/her password.This has been solved by adding better understandable display message when error code “PSW-0001” (“Cannot change password…”) is advertised by Open-Xchange Middleware.

MWB-568 Middleware on provisioning node runs into max-open-files

This is caused by hundreds of reload configuration calls with each one triggering an appsuite history check.Fixed by never perform history checks in parallel.

MWB-562 Creation date is calculated including the timezone offset for uploaded images

Some images doesn’t contain a timezone in addition to the capture date. In those cases the library which extracts the capture date uses the GMT timezone as a fallback in case the timezone information is missing in the exif data.This has been solved by using the user’s timezone as a fallback for the capture date instead. Please be aware that this is still not a perfect solution for this problem. For example it depends on the timezone configuration of the appsuite when the image has been uploaded. So for example in case the timezone between the camera and the appsuite is different this leads to similar problems. Or in case the timezone of the appsuite is changed then images uploaded before and after the change have a different offset. Also this fix only applies to newly uploaded files. Existing files are still going to show the capture date based on the previous calculation which used the GMT timezone.

MWB-542 java.util.regex. Pattern very long log entries

Excessively long-running operation to look-up a subsequence/pattern in HTML content.This has been solved by adding conditions for early abort and ultimately shield from too excessive matcher execution.

MWB-501 Some mails with attachments not indicated as such

Slightly different attachment check for get and all requests. In case the content-disposition header is missing the get request in contrast to the all request considers the name attribute of the content-type header to identify attachments.This has been solved by considering the name attribute during all requests as well.

MWB-489 Calendar update failed when running runallupdate

Update task accidentally removed when updating update task framework, although it was used as dependency for other tasks.This has been fixed by restoring removed update task.

MWB-459 Appsuite adds additional PREF field to vcard export

“pref” parameter is used by the server to differentiate between multiple numbers of the same type, while the client only recognized one “pref”, as general preference.This has been fixed by only adding “pref” parameter when exporting TEL properties if required. Note that this is only a mitigation, e.g. when there are multiple “cell” or “home” numbers, the “pref” parameter will still be set.

MWB-457 Sort mail by “unread” is descending by default

Back when the sorting order was changed to descending one case was not adjusted.This has been fixed by using desc sorting order when not using imap search.

MWB-346 CardDAV: deletion of a contact does not sync for contacts which were created on an iOS device

The client creates contacts in folder 6 (which is not allowed), so the server stores it in the user’s default contact folder implicitly. After a deletion of this contact in the web interface, this is only indicated for this folder, so that the client assumes that the contact in folder 6 is still there.Re-route newly created contacts to default and fake deletion in targeted collection.

DOCS-3011 Support for pasting ‘user@abc’ after the @ to trigger a mention has been added.

Combining text nodes after pasting, so that the email-detection process finds the pasted email-addresse

DOCS-2921 comment Anchor does not work / function unclear

In the specified environment, the comment ID was transferred to OX Presentation, but it was not found in the parameters of the application launcher. ‘Go to comment’ in notification mails is working now in SingleTab environment

DOCS-2884 Avoiding that topbar becomes invisible after loading one of the portals of OX Documents

z-index of the topbar was set to 2 because IE 11.


OX Documents monitors the life-cylce and online state of all Appsuite OX Documents nodes. Handling of lost Hazelcast nodes works as expected, but there a some more situations where we see the described behavior. The OX Documents monitor implementation now checks the lifecycle events from Hazelcast more carefully and detects that a merge has been done. This is handled and internal classes are re-initialized to work with the new Hazelcast uuid (especially the JMS queue names are derived from it).

DOCS-2822 truncated title due to window size

Shorten title in German, check other languages if they are affected, too.

DOCS-2691 Duplicate entries in a document collaborators list

When we receive a jms message we check if all header keys are valid. If it is not the case we will stop processing the message. We change the behaviour in case there is an invalid header in the jms message. We lock this event, but we do not stop processing of this message.

DOCS-2619 PDFTool does not return at all with some rare, yet unknown PDF documents.

A maximum runtime needs to be introduced for each call to the PDFTool (similar to watchdog for RE processes), returning an error after the configured jobExecution timeout time and responding to the appropriate request in time.

DOCS-2540 The disable check for the ‘create folder’ button was not working correctly, therefore it displayed the enabled button for cases were it’s not possible. When creating a folder in these not working cases, the error occurred.

Fixed the enable/disable state of the ‘create folder’ button. Therefore, the button is not clickable in wrong cases, the error can’t happen anymore.

DOCS-2526 The start/stop scripts have been adjusted

Be more verbose on errors, kill the pid-file.

DOCS-2330 Reduced the 3 jms messages to one jms message.

When we must do a close hard for a document we send 3 jms messages. If one message got lost we would have a problem.