Backend Documentation deprecated


This project is meant to contain all public documentation of backend components, concepts and APIs. Articles must be written in Markdown, while GitHub-flavored markdown is explicitly permitted. See the Cheatsheet for a full reference of this markdown dialect. Links to resources like images or other articles must always be relative.

Eclipse Integration

You can easily write your docs from within your eclipse IDE and even have a almost-live preview. For that you need to install two additional plugins:


For publishing the docs MDWiki will be used. New articles must be made accessible via the navigation menu by extending in the mdwiki subfolder. You can easily review your changes by making this folder available through a HTTP server. You don't even need an apache or nginx for that, a simple HTTP server can also be run via python or npm. Just open a terminal and switch to the documentation directory.


    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

NodeJS (install via sudo npm install -g http-server):


Both commands will launch the server on localhost:8080. You can then visit the Wiki via http://localhost:8080/mdwiki/.